GKAT LecturesGrounding Asset-Class Infrastructure in City Logistics: Global Rentiership, Local Frictions, Racial Entanglements

  • Termin in der Vergangenheit
  • Thursday, 16. May 2024, 18:15 Uhr
  • Heidelberg Center for American Studies, Curt und Heidemarie Engelhorn Palais, Hauptstraße 120, 69117 Heidelberg
    • Prof. Dr. Susanne Soederberg, Queens University (Kanada), Department of Political Studies

The DFG-funded Research Training Group „Authority and Trust in American Culture, Society, History, and Politics“ (GKAT) is based at the Heidelberg Center for American Studies of Heidelberg University. It aims at a systematic and interdisciplinary inquiry into the emergence and transformation of authority and trust in American politics, society, religion, literature and culture since the nineteenth century.

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