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Symposia at the Studio of Villa Bosch
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Anna Mateja Punstein
Katrin Janzen
Laura Suarsana

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The general outline of the 19th Symposium "Knowledge and Technology: Spatial Relations in a Digital Age" is online now.

To read the general outline now, click here.


New Videos of the 18th Symposium "Professions and Proficiency: The Rise and Demise of Knowledge" are online now.

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Program of "Professions and Proficiency"

Wednesday, June 26, 2019
Thursday, June 27, 2019
Friday, June 28, 2019

Wednesday, June 26, 2019


Welcome Address (09:15)
Johannes Glückler and Anna Mateja Punstein, Institute of Geography, Heidelberg University (Germany)


Session 1: Professions in Action


Professions, knowledge, and workplace change: The case of Canadian engineers (10:00)
Tracey L. Adams, Department of Sociology, University of Western Ontario (Canada)

Coffee Break (11:00)

The Siemens brothers William and Werner: Siemens in Germany and England and global telegraphy (11:30)
Wolfgang König, Berlin Center for Knowledge Research, Technical University Berlin (Germany)

Lunch (12:30)

The rise, decline and survival of the Parisian Plumassier (13:30)
Merle Patchett, School of Geographical Sciences, University of Bristol (UK)

The beginnings of the Psychology profession in Argentina: Science, institutional context and society (14:30)
Hugo Klappenbach, Faculty of Psychology, National University of San Luis (Argentinia)

Coffee Break (15:30)

General Discussion (16:00)


Thursday, June 27, 2019

Session 2: Transformation of Intangibles, Knowledge and Professions


Mobilizing intangibles under the acceluction regime (09:30)
Ahmed Bounfour, The European Chair on Intangibles, University Paris Sud (France)

Coffee Break (10:30)

Data as labor or data as intangible capital? A framework to redistribute the gains of digital ownership (11:00)
Maria Savona, Science Policy Research Unit, University of Sussex (UK)

Lunch (12:00)

The changing fortunes of the architect profession in post-war Britain: Complexity, technological change, and the (re)construction of knowledge (13:30)
Paul Windrum (and Michael Siebert), Business School, Nottingham University (UK)

The contested epistemic authority of science in a post-truth era of world politics (14:30)
Peter M. Haas, Department of Political Science, University of Massachusetts Amherst (USA)

Coffee Break (15:30)

Book Volume 18: Springer series, schedule and technical editing (16:00)

General Discussion (16:20)


Friday, June 28, 2019

Session 3: Proficiency, Professionalization and Learning


Designing professional qualifications: Beyond path dependency (09:00)
Christopher Winch, School of Education, Communication and Society, King's College London (UK)

Improficiency and the professionalization of undisciplined practices (10:00)
Janet Banfield, School of Geography and the Environment, University of Oxford (UK)

Coffee Break (11:00)

What does it take to be a professional translator? (11:30)
Rakefet Sela-Sheffy, Unit of Culture Research, Tel Aviv University (Israel)

Lunch (12:30)

The multifaceted process of finding one's place in academia: Examples from France, Germany and the USA (13:30)
Ariane Berthoin Antal, Science Policy Studies, WZB Berlin Social Science Center (Germany)

Knowledge and the iGeneration: The epistemic consequences of living and learning in the digital age (14:30)
Patricia Alexander, Department of Human Development and Quantitative Methodology, University of Maryland (USA)

Coffee Break (15:30)

Final Discussion (16:00)

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