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Symposia at the Studio of Villa Bosch
Heidelberg University
Department of Geography
Berliner Str. 48
69120 Heidelberg

Regina Lenz
Anna Mateja Punstein
Laura Suarsana

Email: knowledgeandspace

New Videos of the 16th symposium "The Role of Socio-Environmental Settings for Learning and Educational Attainment " (2017) online.

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New Book Review of "Knowledge and Networks" (Volume 11) in Hungarian Geographical Bulletin.

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General Outline of "Knowledge and Economy"

  1. Under what conditions does knowledge become an economic product in different cultures? What types of knowledge can be turned into economic products? What are the societal consequences if knowledge becomes an economic product and if it does not? 
  2. Research and industry in historical perspective. Knowledge transfer between universities and economic institutions and vice versa? The recruitment of scientists and top managers in various types of firms.  
  3. Evolution of technologies in time and space. Knowledge, technologies and regional competitiveness. The effects of technological change on regional development.
  4. Innovations and regional development. How can we define and measure spatial disparities of innovativeness? Which factors contribute to regional disparities of innovativeness?  
  5. Knowledge in economic theory. Is rationality enough?

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