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Symposia at the Studio of Villa Bosch
Heidelberg University
Department of Geography
Berliner Str. 48
69120 Heidelberg

Anna Mateja Punstein
Katrin Janzen
Laura Suarsana

Email: knowledgeandspace

The general outline of the 19th Symposium "Knowledge and Technology: Spatial Relations in a Digital Age" is online now.

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New Videos of the 18th Symposium "Professions and Proficiency: The Rise and Demise of Knowledge" are online now.

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Knowledge and Space


The Symposia in the Studio of the Villa Bosch at Heidelberg deal with the generation, diffusion and application of knowledge under special consideration of the role of the spatial context and the spatial dimension of knowledge-disparities. The topic Knowledge and Space covers various interrelated research questions, which are of great political and economical relevance to society.

The Symposia in the Studio of Villa Bosch at Heidelberg are intended to bring together scholars from various disciplines, schools of thought and cultures to build a foundation for the development of a long-term interdisciplinary network of scholars studying the topic 'Knowledge and Space'.



New Symposium

Knowledge and Technology: Spatial Relations in a Digital Age

June 10 - 12, 2020
Studio Villa Bosch, Heidelberg

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Youtube Channel

Watch now impressions and lectures of previous symposia.

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New Videos

Videos of the 18th symposium "Professions and Proficiency" (2019) online.

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New Photos

Click here for photos of the 17th symposium "Knowledge and Civil Society."



Details about Volume 1 to Volume 14, click here.



New Book Review

New Book Reviews of "Geographies of the University" (Volume 12) and "Knowledge and Institutions" (Volume 13).

To read the review on Volume 12 now, click here.
To read the review on Volume 13 now, click here.

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