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Symposia at the Studio of Villa Bosch
Heidelberg University
Department of Geography
Berliner Str. 48
69120 Heidelberg

Regina Lenz
Anna Mateja Punstein
Laura Suarsana

Email: knowledgeandspace

New Videos of the 16th symposium "The Role of Socio-Environmental Settings for Learning and Educational Attainment " (2017) online.

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New Book Review of "Knowledge and Networks" (Volume 11) in Hungarian Geographical Bulletin.

To read the review now, click here.


General Outline of "Spatial Mobility of Knowledge"

This symposium is interested in movements related to the historical and contemporary production and circulation of knowledge. It aims to bring together scholars from different discplines who are working on three main sectors of the knowledge economy, namely higher education, science and research; high tech industries; and advanced producer services. Some of the guiding questions are as follows:

  • Which role does travel and movement play in the production of knowledge?
  • How does knowledge travel across time and space?
  • To what extent is knowledge being transformed through travel?
  • Why do different types of knowledge travel more successfully than others?
  • Which aspects facilitate or complicate international collaborations for knowledge production?
  • How do social, cultural, political and economic contexts shape the spatial mobility of knowledge and knowledge workers?
  • What is the role of migrants, expatriates, and travellers in the circulation of knowledge?
  • How do flows of knowledge and/or knowledge workers impact on the transformation of the global knowledge economy and vice versa?



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