Student Exchange Chemistry

The Chemistry Department of Heidelberg University is active in several Student Exchange Programs:


The ERASMUS program offers the opportunity for Heidelberg Chemistry students to go for 1 or 2 semesters to a selected European Partner institution (ERASMUS outgoing students) or for students from these institutions to come to Heidelberg (Incoming students). Typically, students take taught courses (Vorlesungen - Lectures, Seminare - Seminars, Praktika - Teaching Labs). In addition to that they may do a research project of variable length.


Within this program, students can individually arrange research projects in European research laboratories. Heidelberg students are themselves responsible for finding a suitable host. Application for financial support through this program is done here:

Incoming students for ERASMUS-Placements should directly apply at one of our research groups.

Student Exchange with the University of Notre Dame (USA):

Heidelberg University has a cooperation agreement with the University of Notre Dame. Chemistry students (Master level) from Heidelberg can apply directly via the coordinator in Heidelberg (Markus Enders). For details see: ERASMUS outgoing students.

Students from Notre Dame who intend to come to Heidelberg should get in contact with their coordinator Olaf Wiest.

Heidelberg India Internship Platform:

This is a platform in order to facilitate internships (i.e. reserach projects) for Heidelberg students in India and vice versa. Students who would like to participate are themselves responsible for finding a reserach group who is willing to accept them as a research student.


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