ERASMUS Incoming

Before you come to Heidelberg

Please inform yourself about the possible courses you may follow in Heidelberg (see default plans for Bachelor or Master, complete list of lectures at the University: see Vorlesungsverzeichnisse).

All courses of our Bachelor program and most courses of our Master program are taught in German. Therefore it is necessary that you have a good knowledge in German language before you start studying in Heidelberg. You might visit some preparative language courses.

Discuss everything with your ERASMUS coordinator of your home institution. Perhaps you have also access to reports from former ERASMUS students. Once you are selected by your home institution you should fill the application forms/Learning Agreement (see download links on the right side of this window) and send them per e-mail to:

The Learning Agreement will be evaluated by the Heidelberg ERASMUS-Coordinator and when it has been accepted, you will receive information about inscription and housing from our international office.

Language requirements

Almost all lectures in Heidelberg are taught in German. In order to successfully follow lectures and pass exams a German language competence corresponding to the level B2 or C1 is recommended. If you have a lower level, an additional language course prior to the beginning of the lecture period is required. For research projects either German or English is needed.

During your stay in Heidelberg

After your arrival in Heidelberg and after inscription you should make an appointment with the Chemistry ERASMUS Coordinator (Prof. Markus Enders, Building: Im Neuenheimer Feld 276, 2nd floor, room 2.01, Tel 06221-546247) in order to discuss with him the Learning Agreement which often has to be complemented.

When you start following lectures, you should try get in contact with the german students in order to get additional information from them. Within many courses it is necessary to interact intensely with other students.
You should also try to meet students from our "Fachschaft". Please visit their web pages for more information.

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