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Closing of a road at the Neuenheimer Feld

Beginning with October 22, 2018 until 2020 the road in front of the bulding site of EINC has to be closed due to extension of the infrastructure below the road. During the construction the following restrictions have to be imposed:

  • Closing of road, pavement, bicycle lane
  • Diversion of pedestriants and cyclists via parking P21 and Berliner Stra├če
  • Access to P21 only from the south entrance
  • Diversion bus line 721

Site plan


Division of Planning, Construction and Safety

The Division of Planning, Construction and Safety provides a broad spectrum of services to all university members, including infrastructural developments, the implementation of construction projects as well as a secure and sustainable building operation.


Department 3.1
Building Operations

Department 3.2
Construction and Real Estate

Department 3.3
Occupational Safety

Department 3.4
Space and Energy

Staff Unit
Biological Safety


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Selected projects

Campus Bergheim of Heidelberg University (project of IBA Heidelberg)

Center for Asian and Transcultural Studies (CATS) (Ger)

European Institute for Neuromorphic Computing (EINC) (Ger)

Heidelberg 4 Life (H4L) (Ger)

Master plan "Neuenheimer Feld / Neckarbogen" (Ger)

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