Timo Mifka
Seminarstr. 3
69117 Heidelberg
Tel. +49 6221 54-12310

Administrative office
Christin Rademacher
Seminarstr. 3
69117 Heidelberg
Tel. +49 6221 54-12311

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Department 3.1: Building Operations

Head/Administrative Office Contact
Basic facility management issues
Timo Mifka
Administrative office Christin Rademacher
Infrastructural facility management Contact
Infrastructural facility management section head Thorsten König
Cleaning services Aron Kitzel
Building superintendent services
Media technology and gate
Frank Kamrath
Building superintendent services
Media technology and gate
Martin Leng
Quality control of external cleaning services Erika Gnieser
Martina Reiser
Organisation of relocation services, security and surveillance activities Julia Oemler
Commissioning of special, temporary and basic cleaning services;
Claims and contractual penalties
Bärbel Merg
Technical facility management Contact
Maintenance contracts;
Tender specifications
Julia Oemler
Commercial facility management Contact
Invoicing for collectively used buildings (ancillary expenses billing);
Funds for energy, rents and leases for land, buildings and rooms;
Internal facilities management reporting
Julia Oemler
Funds for water and waste water;
Funds for ZNF (Central services in Neuenheimer Feld)
Vera Kühn
Funds for property management (towel dispensers / rolls, pest control) Nicole Zeh
Organisation of disposal services;
Funds for property management (fuel oil, first aid kits, illumination, material for property management);
Document entry (SAP)
Anthea Marin
Mobile phone of cleaning and superintendent personal;
Property management of New University building;
Company cars (Building Operations);
Document entry (SAP)
Adriane Matuszek
Document entry (SAP) Heidrun Böhle
Document entry (SAP) Bärbel Merg
Lecture hall assignment / Outdoor facilities Contact
Real estate management: Central lecture hall assignment (New University, Heuscheuer, Triplex), outdoor facilities, women's safety Dagmar Stier
Media technology / Building services Contact
Media technology for the Old and New University Jürgen Schorr
Building services New University Enver Zejnullahu
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