Department 3.4: Space and Energy Management



Head Contact
Head of department
Project lead facility management system (CAFM), structural development, assessment of spacial requirements
Dr. Arne Egger, Dipl.-Geogr.
Space allocation Contact
Structural development, assessment of spacial requirements, site plans, facility management system (CAFM) Albrecht Degering, Dipl.-Ing.
Space allocation, space budgeting model Carmen Eilinghoff, Dipl.-Geogr.
Facility management system (CAFM), drawings, documentation Linda Janssen, B. Eng.
Webservice for the department, facility management system (CAFM) tba
Student associate Leonard Kleiber
Student associate Lukas Frotscher
Climate protection / sustainability Contact
Compilation of climate action plan Narasinha Sushil, M. Sc.


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