Department 3.4: Space and Energy Management



Head Contact
Head of department
Project lead facility management system (CAFM), structural development, assessment of spacial requirements
Dr. Arne Egger, Dipl.-Geogr.
Space allocation Contact
Facility Management System (CAFM), department web service systems Priscila Maya Kaneko Ackermann, M. Eng.
Structural development, assessment of spacial requirements, site plans, facility management system (CAFM) Albrecht Degering, Dipl.-Ing.
Space allocation, space budgeting model Carmen Eilinghoff, Dipl.-Geogr.
Facility management system (CAFM), drawings, documentation Linda Janssen, B. Eng.
Student associate Leonard Kleiber
Project office climate protection and sustainability Contact
Climate protection management Narasinha Sushil, M. Sc.
Energy management N.N.
Student associate Maite Börsig, B. Sc.
Student associate Zarah Janda, M. Sc.


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