Department Head
Dr. Markus Hoffmann
Im Neuenheimer Feld 325
69120 Heidelberg
Tel. +49 6221 54-12330
Fax +49 6221 54-12933

Administrative Office
Andrea Dell
Tel. +49 6221 54-12331
Fax +49 6221 54-12933

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Department 3.3: Occupational Safety

Members of the university can address any safety-related concerns with their contact in the safety department. The staff also coordinates the safety issues surrounding the planning of renovations and new construction. The department coordinates and monitors the risk assessments for all facilities and is active in external laboratory safety boards.


Task / Responsibilities Contact
Department head
Hazardous materials (Hazardous Materials Officer)
Additional specialisation: administration of the central hazardous materials cadastre
Dr. Markus Hoffmann, Dipl.-Chem.
Occupational Safety, especially in laboratories Kevin Jonczyk, B.Sc.
Administrative Office Andrea Dell
Occupational safety engineer for medical facilities and clinics in Neuenheimer Feld, especially the Medical Clinic Nico Biedermann, M. Eng
Occupational safety(Electrical engineering)
Workshops of Univerwity and medical clinics, Klinik Technik GmbH
Additional focus: Workspaces of people with limitations (accessibility)
Stephan Blarr
Electrical engineer
Occupational safety engineer
Women's clinic, Skin clinic and Children's clinic, online courses
Latife Derix, B. Eng.

Occupational safety engineer (trainee)(biology)
Biological safety engineer (trainee)
Delegation of employee's responsibilities for occuptional safetyp>

Dr. rer. nat. Bianca Dimitrov
Occupational safety engineer
Centre for Advanced Materials, European Institute for Neuromorphic Computing, heiCOMACS,
Additional areas of specialisation: Lasers, artificial optical radiation, electromagnetic waves and fields
Dr. Moritz Förderer, Dipl.-Phys.
Occupational safety engineer for Theoretikum, OMZ, NCT
additional areas of specialisation: laboratory security and organisation
Dr. Kai Hofmann, Dipl.-Biol.
Occupational safety engineer for university institutes of chemistry, geography, Centre for Organismal Studies, Masilius Kolleg, SAI and ZMBH.
Additional areas of specialisation: Maternity protection, laboratory safety and ergonomics
Occupational safety engineer for Head Clinic, Orthopaedic Clinic (Schlierbach), Mathematikon and AfG Heidelberg
Additional areas of specialisation: Corporate Health Management in Clinics
Margareta Seelhorst, B. Sc.
Occupational safety engineer for medical facilities and clinics in Neuenheimer Feld and Bergheim, especially the Surgical Clinic Sascha Weerasooriya, M. Eng.
Occupational safety engineer for the Old Town, Heidelberg Collaboratory for Image Processing,  NCT, OMZ, Theoretikum, administration of the clinic, centre for information management N.N.


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