Stereoselective Catalysis

Project B2 New modular monodentate chiral ligands for Ir-catalyzed allylic substitutions and Rh-catalyzed hydrogenations
Project B3 (completed) Stereoselective construction of cyclopentane derivatives by rhodium and ruthenium catalyzed Alder-ene sequences
Project B4 (completed) Cyclic pseudopeptides as new asymmetric catalysts
Project B5 Selective hybrid catalysts based on nucleic acids
Project B6 Modularer Aufbau chiraler Katalysatoren mit mehrzähnigen Steuerliganden
Project B7 E/Z-spezifische Alkenmetathese mit molekularen Rutheniumcarben-Katalysatoren
Project B9 Sequentielle Katalyse zum stereoselektiven Aufbau polyketidischer Strukturen

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