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The Mastalerz Group is a diverse team of enthusiastic organic chemists that do not fear to tackle multistep syntheses of fascinating three-dimensional compounds such as shape-persistent chiral organic cage compounds or unique polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons with negative curvature such as monkey-saddles or azulene containing PAHs.

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25.07.2022 - PhD Defense!

Congrats to Philppe Wagner to the successful defense of his PhD thesis with the title "Chirale Derivate von Tribenzotriquinacen als Bausteine für Iminkäfigverbindungen".

Philippe did an awesome job during his master and PhD studies in our group switching the statistical substitution ratio on synthetically valuable tribenzotriquinacenes toward the desired C3 isomer, developed a highly effective racemic resolution of the obtained TBTQs even in larger scales and applied the corresponding building blocks in studies about the chiral self-sorting of giant cubic cages!

This was an impressive job and the best things are yet to be published...

We wish Philippe the very best in his future career and life and will miss him as colleague and friend.


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Cornelius Dabier 2022

25.07.2022 - New Group Members!

We would like to welcome two new group members.


Dr. Anjana Kunhumbadukka Othayoth will be our scientific guest for the upcoming months. Her background as material scientist and her particular interest in the properties of porous materials will be applied during investigation in-depths investigation of the gas sorption behavior of highly environmental damaging greenhouse gases.

Her work will continue our recent studies we recently published in Adv. Mater.!




Cornelius Daiber started his master thesis in our lab. After a successful bachelor thesis in our group, his master thesis will deal with further studies on our polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons with monkey saddle topology which can have a full carbon or nitrogen doped backbone.


We wish Anjana and Cornelius a great time in the Mastalerz group.


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10.06.2022 - Paper accepted!

Congrats to Jochen!

His paper on cages binding nitrate highly selective was accepted in Chem. Eur. J.!!

Nitrate can is a pollutant found in groundwater and cause serious health issue up to cancer. A selective removal of nitrate from water is thus of upmost importance. By a systematic modification of the single cage building blocks we found a cage with excellent selectivities of nitrate against chloride and hydrogen carbonate. This was proven by a comprehensive NMR-titration study as well as single crystal X-ray diffraction and we will further work on future applications of this gem of a cage.

If you are interested in the story, you can find a screen-sized gif about it here or by clicking directly on the gif on the left.

Well done Jochen!

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01.06.2022 - Paper accepted!

Congrats to Ke!

His paper on the highly selective adsorption of perfluorinated greenhouse gases was accepted for publication in Adv. Mater.!!

While most of the public attention regarding greenhouse gases is focused on carbon dioxide, the perfluoro carbons we investigated in this study have an influence on the global warming which is up to 11100 times larger than that of a comparable amount of carbon dioxide over 100 years. Furthermore, data by the NASA sponsored Advanced Global Atmospheric Gases Experiment (AGAGE) proves rising atmospheric concentrations of these harmful greenhouse gases.  To the best of our knowledge, we present the first selective material for such gases.


If you are interessted in the story, you can find a screen-sized gif about it here or by clicking directly on the gif on the left.

Incredible job Ke!



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