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Aims of the project

This project aims to establish an innovative academic cooperation network, which brings together and creates a shared educational offer for students of foreign languages as well as translation studies, encompassing a flexible exchange framework for different types of mobility and cooperation.

In the pilot stage of the project, several online courses will be made available for the BA, MA, and PhD students from the partner universities, with some of courses seeing a collaboration between teachers from different institutions. In the next stage, we will identify a series of jointly defined competencies and set up a frame of joint modules based on partially shared and partially complementary competencies of the partners. In the third stage, the partners are planning to offer the possibility to obtain, after the regular graduation, a complementary diploma at one of the partner universities (e.g. an MA certificate for a third foreign language). Finally, we are aiming to create a comprehensive network of philological and translatological didactic modules allowing for different flexible learning paths and conducting to joint degrees which combine key competencies from foreign language philologies and translation studies. The project will establish a whole range of different participation and mobility formats, from online and blended courses as well as short mobilities (< 90 days) up to 1 or 2 stage stays at a partner institution, and will also be supported by teaching mobilities and collaborative courses. In the framework of the project, individual bilateral cooperation schemes (e.g. the planned Double Degrees between HU and SU) will also be made accessible for the students from other partner universities.



Winter term 2023/24
Translate 4EU+ – A Translation Project by the Cooperative Network Philotrans
Joint Course with a 2-day on-site preparatory meeting in Heidelberg (October 9-10, 2023), classes at the respective partner universities and online meetings. You can find a preliminary programme for the Kick-off meeting in Heidelberg here.

Philotrans Translate 4EU+ Kick-off

6-7 June 2022
PhD colloquium and work meeting 
Institute of Translation Studies, Charles University, Prague
You can find the programme here 

Prague 2022 Philotrans

December 2019
Kick-off meeting with partner institutions in the framework of the 4EU+ Allianz
Institute for Translation and Interpreting, Heidelberg University 
The cooperative network Philotrans in Flagship 2 Europe in a changing world: Understanding and engaging societies, economies, cultures and languages launches its cooperation.

Philotrans Kickoff-meeting



Philotrans Course Offer Winter term 2022-23

Philotrans Course Offer Summer term 2022

Philotrans Course Offer Winter term 2021-22

Philotrans Course Offer Summer term 2021

Philotrans Course Offer Winter term 2020-21



"This project is co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union under grant agreement No 612621."

Philotrans 4EU+ Website


Prof. Dr. Vahram Atayan (HU), Professeur Martine Dalmas (SU), Professeur Delphine Pasques (SU), Professore ordinario Marina Brambilla (UM), Professore associato Peggy Katelhön (UM), Dr. Tomáš Duběda (CU), Prof. Dr. Michał B. Paradowski (UW), Dr. hab. Małgorzata Guławska-Gawkowska (UW)


Prof. Dr. Vahram Atayan (HU), Professeur Martine Dalmas (SU)/Professeur Delphine Pasques (SU)


Prof. Dr. Vahram Atayan (HU):

Daniele Moretti (HU):





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