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General Information


Bachelor of Arts

Application and Enrolment:

There are No admission restrictions for the Bachelor of Arts in Translation Studies. Application and enrolment are processed via Heidelberg University’s application portal heiCO. Please select "2-Subject Bachelor" as your BA degree.

Information on the application and enrolment can be found here.

Start of course:

Winter semester only

Standard course duration:

6 semesters

Language proficiency:

Languages English and French:

  • Very good oral and written language skills (level B2 CEFR minimum)

Languages Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish:

  • Good oral and written language skills (level B1 CEFR minimum)
  • Preparatory and extracurricular courses are offered: Language courses.
  • Important information for students interested in taking Italian 
Language of instruction:

German and the languages selected for study

Accreditation: The course of studies fulfills the accreditation requirements stipulated in the quality management system heiQUALITY (accreditation certificate).


Applicants from Germany (Bildungsinländer): Information on applying/enroling (course of studies always begins in the winter semester)

  • Prospective students from Germany must apply and enrol as of June 1 until September 30.
  • Application and enrolment must be done online via heiCO.

International applicants: Information on applying/enroling (course of studies always begins in the winter semester)

  • International applicants must apply and enrol as of June 1 until September 30.
  • Application and enrolment must be done online via heiCO.
  • Important: Please apply as early as possible. So that your application can be processed in time.
  • Further information about the enrolment (matriculation):
    - Enrolment for international students

Course outline

The course of studies primarily involves the study of two foreign languages (your "B" and "C" languages) in relation to your mother tongue (your "A" language). Other subjects include linguistics and translation studies, translation as a component of (cross-)cultural studies and the translation of technical/special-purpose texts. Students must also complete a compulsory elective module in a supplementary subject as well as modules on cross-disciplinary skills and work-related competencies.

The Bachelor of Arts examination is designed to establish whether students have grasped the principles of Translation Studies as an academic discipline, appreciate the connections between the individual disciplines they have studied and have acquired the foundational and subject-specific knowledge as well as the methodological and practical skills required to embark successfully on a professional career in the translation field.


Course structure

The standard course duration for the B.A. programme in Translation Studies is six semesters, including examinations. Instruction extends over all six semesters; however, in the final semester, classes are only held for two months. In order to graduate, students are required to earn 180 ECTS credit points (CP) from the classes on offer (compulsory and elective-compulsory), which corresponds to 120 contact hours.

During the course of studies, students are required to enrol for a work placement of at least 6 weeks in a country where their B language is the mother tongue. Upon request, the Examinations Board may rule periods spent abroad as (partly) equivalent to having completed a work placement programme. Otherwise, the Internship Office will assist you in finding an adequate work placement.

During their course of studies, students of the Spanish department can choose to take part in the Bachelor Plus Programme in Spanish Translation Studies. This programme is designed for students of Spanish as a B or C language with above-average qualifications who would like to strengthen their international profile and extend their Bachelor's degree programme to four years by integrating a year abroad in Spain (further information).


Translation Studies Q&A

Detailed answers to frequently asked questions about the Translation Studies programme are provided in our guidelines. Should you have any further questions, please contact the academic advisor(s) of the respective department.

Further information about the programme (including the current examination regulations and module catalogue) can be found in the section Im Studium.

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