Waters UPLC-MS Instrument

The Institute of Organic Chemistry has been acquiring an UPLC-MS system comprising a UPCL with autosampler and photodiode detector and a single quadrupole mass analyzer with ESI and APCI combination ion source (Waters Acquity+SQD2).
Since April 2013, the system is run in open access mode for researchers of OCI. Access to the instrument is provided after a short introduction.

Update on Accounts 2021
As there is still no chance to conduct introductions to the open access UPLC-MS system on site in near future, I have produced an introductory video explaining all these topics.
If you would like to receive an user account for the UPLC-MS system follow these steps:
Watch the below video:

Moodle password:   uplcmsintro
Note: Although the slides used in the first part are in German the video introduction is in English.
After having watched the video, please fill the form provided on the same website and deliver it to me, either in person or to my mailbox.


Waters UPLC-SQD2
Waters H-Class UPLC coupled to SQD2 single quadrupole with APCI source


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