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Research Alumni Network

The Research Alumni Network currently consists of more than 400 international scientists that are staying or have stayed in Heidelberg to conduct research. The network offers special services to all international PhD students, postdocs and established scientists during and after their research stay.

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Issue 2/2014, July 2014 | German

Scholarships: HAIreconnect

Heidelberg Altstadt

Starting in late 2014, the Research Alumni Network will be offering new HAIreconnect scholarships for researchers wanting to return to Heidelberg University. The scholarships allow former international visiting scientists to come back to Heidelberg for a brief research stay of five to ten days; after 2012, this marks the second time such an invitation is extended. [More...]


Research Ambassadors around the World

International scientists looking for information on research opportu­nities in Heidelberg can now find ‘ambassadors’ of Heidelberg University on an interactive world map. On the website of the Research Alumni Network, the map shows the Research Ambassadors’ country of residence and field of specialisation. [More...]


Expansion of Cooperation

Notre Dame

A delegation from Heidelberg visited the United States in April 2014 within the framework of the cooperation between Heidelberg University and the University of Notre Dame. Representatives of both universities signed a ‘Memorandum of Under­standing’ outlining their future collaboration. [More...]


„I Lost My Heart in Heidelberg“

The Research Alumni Network lives by and with its members – visiting scientists that are currently conducting research in Heidelberg or have already concluded their stay and are continuing their work elsewhere. We will introduce three of these scientists in each edition of this newsletter. In this edition:

Prof. Dr. Chris Orvig, Chemist, University of British Columbia, Vancouver/Kanada

Prof. Dr. Hilda Amalia Pasolli, Cell Biologist, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Ashburn/USA

Prof. Dr. Giovanni Capoccia, Political Scientist,  University of Oxford/England


PhD Training at Heidelberg University

With a comprehensive infrastructure for PhD students, Heidelberg University offers an excellent training environment for junior resear­chers from Germany and beyond. 22 per cent of students who earned their PhD at the university in 2012 were foreign nationals, one of the highest percentages in Germany. Heidelberg offers a wide range of structured doctoral programmes and a Graduate Academy. [More...]


HCTS Offers Fellowships

Karl Jaspers Zentrum

The new Heidelberg Centre for Transcultural Studies (HCTS) has created a research fellowship programme for German and international scholars. This central scientific institution of Heidelberg University aims at networking outstanding researchers from all over the world and from all disciplines to promote interdisciplinary dialogue on exchange processes between cultures. [More...]


Marsilius Kolleg — a Place of Networking

Haus Buhl

Founded in 2007, the Marsilius Kolleg is a ‘Center for Advanced Study’ at Heidelberg University. The interdisciplinary college is a place of networking that develops and launches interdisciplinary research projects. The college has so far developed six Marsilius Projects that make an important contribution to focussing and expanding the range of topics and methods of many disciplines at Heidelberg University. [More...]