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Interactive Map Shows Research Ambassadors around the World

World map ‘ambassadors’ of Heidelberg University

International scientists looking for information on research opportunities in Heidelberg can now find ‘ambassadors’ of Heidelberg University in their vicinity or sharing their field of research on an interactive world map. The map on the website of the Research Alumni Network shows the Research Ambassadors’ country of residence and field of specialisation. Click on the regions showing participants of the Research Ambassador Programme to see the ambassadors, their home universities and fields of research, and their ties to Heidelberg. Heidelberg Alumni International (HAI) invites all current and former visiting scholars to become ambassadors for research in Heidelberg, and to help create a tight-knit network on the ‘Ambassador World Map’.

Research Ambassadors are former visiting scientists that represent Heidelberg University abroad, promoting Heidelberg and Germany as attractive research locations among their colleagues and junior researchers. They provide information on research stays in Heidelberg, support interested academics in choosing funding programmes and pass on valuable experience gained during their own stays in Germany. HAI offers a short seminar that prepares future Research Ambassadors for their task – ideally during a stay in Heidelberg – and provides them with special information material that may be used without much additional preparation. Heidelberg ambassadors can log onto HAInet to find comprehensive information.

In addition to their role as persons of contact, Research Ambassadors can also initiate new international cooperation projects between their university and Heidelberg. The Research Alumni Network wants to create a tight-knit, worldwide network of ambassadors and is pleased to welcome any and all scientists, scholars and researchers wanting to represent Heidelberg as a research location in their home countries. Anyone who liked his/her stay in Heidelberg so much that they want to inform others about the possibilities offered by Heidelberg University to international junior scientists and established researchers alike is invited to apply. If you are interested in becoming a Research Ambassador for Heidelberg University, please write to the HAI network at Click here for some preliminary information.

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