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22 and 23 February 2013
Research-Alumni Meeting in Rome
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Research Alumni Network

The Research Alumni Network currently consists of more than 400 international scientists that are staying or have stayed in Heidelberg to conduct research. The network offers special services to all international PhD students, postdocs and established scientists during and after their research stay.

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Cooperation Partners
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Issue 2/2012, December 2012 | Deutsch

Second Network Meeting in Boston

Research-Alumni Network The second Research-Alumni Meeting of Heidelberg University took place in September of 2012 in Boston. About 20 former guest scientists from North and Latin America received the latest news about research and science-related activities in Heidelberg and discussed the scope and possibilities of the Network. [More...]


HAIreconnect Lets Alumni Return to Heidelberg

The HAIreconnect scholarship is one of the services offered to members of the Research-Alumni Network. It provides financial support for former guest scientists who wish to return to Heidelberg University for a short research stay. Interested scientists can apply until the end of February for a stay in the first half of 2013. [More...]


Research-Alumni as Ambassadors of Research Institutions in Heidelberg

Pandit Scharr 100x100 Research-Alumni are the perfect choice of ambassadors for research institutions in Heidelberg. That is why the network also aims at having them raise awareness for research and career opportunities in Heidelberg among their colleagues and junior scientists. A number of Research-Alumni have already represented Ruperto Carola as ambassadors. [More...]


„I Lost My Heart in Heidelberg“

The Research-Alumni Network lives by and with its members – visiting scientists that are currently conducting research in Heidelberg or have already concluded their stay and are continuing their work elsewhere. We will introduce three of these scientists in each edition of this newsletter. In this edition:

Prof. Dr. Petra Rohrbach, parasitologist, McGill University Montréal/Canada

Prof. Dr. Massimo Vedovelli, linguist, Università per Stranieri di Siena/Italien

Dr. Lipi Thukral, biologist, Institute of Genomics and Integrative Biology, Delhi/India


Humboldt Foundation Presents Anneliese Maier Research Award in Heidelberg

The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation presented its Anneliese Maier Research Award for the first time at Heidelberg University in September of 2012. Endowed with 250,000 EUR, the new cooperation award is given to non-German scientists in order to support the internationalisation of the humanities and social sciences in Germany. [More...]


European Research Council funds excellent young researchers of Heidelberg University

Erc Logo 100x100 Two young scientists of Heidelberg University will receive an ERC Starting Grant for excellent junior researchers. The highly endowed grant of the European Research Council (ERC) was awarded to Dr. Carmen Ruiz de Almodóvar of Heidelberg University’s Biochemistry Center (BZH) and Prof. Dr. Jonas Grethlein of the Department of Classical Philology. The ERC supports funding of basic research. [More...]


Call for Proposals for International Researchers within the Scope of the Excellence Initiative

Heidelberg University wants to intensify its cooperation with international institutions and promote a higher level of internationality within the university in the second funding phase of the Excellence Initiative. Two programmes – “Mobility in International Research Collaborations” and “Guest Professorships” – are of special interest to international scientists in this context. Both programmes will accept new proposals in 2013. [More...]