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Call for proposals for international researchers within the scope of the Excellence Initiative

Heidelberg University wants to continue developing its international orientation in the second funding phase of the Excellence Initiative until 2017. This concerns both the number and scope of international collaborations and the level of internationality at home: the university wants to bring considerably more foreign scientists of all qualification levels to Heidelberg. Two programmes – Mobility in International Research Collaborations and Guest Professorships – are of special interest to international scientists in this context. Both programmes will accept new proposals in 2013.

The Mobility in International Research Collaborations programme, which was established in the first funding phase of the Excellence Initiative, is intended to strengthen existing collaborations and initiate new projects. The programme focuses on long-term cooperation with renowned international partners and research networks; it consists of a travel allowance for scientists and short-term scholarships for postdocs and PhD students. This type of funding is suitable for bilateral and multilateral collaborations between Heidelberg University and international partner institutions, for the establishment of subject- and topic-related networks, and for other forms of cooperation that do not fit the parameters of other institutions’ funding programmes. PhD students are also eligible to receive funding. Applications may be submitted by teaching staff and postdocs of Heidelberg University, but funding also extends to scientists of the partner institutions.

The university pays travel and accommodation expenses for scientists employed by Heidelberg University and by international partner institutions, and material expenses that may be needed for joint workshops and conferences. The scholarships for PhD students and postdocs of the eligible institutions are intended to finance a research stay of one to six months at the respective partner institution. The scholarship may also include a travel allowance, and there are partial scholarships to cover extra costs incurred in the course of the stay abroad. The maximum funding sum for each project is 15,000 EUR per year. A financial contribution of the foreign partner institutions is desired, but not obligatory.

Proposals for the funding period of 2014-2015 will be accepted from the autumn of 2013. A second call for proposals for the funding period of 2013-2014 may be published in early 2013. For more information click here

The Guest Professorships programme aims at bringing outstanding international scientists to Heidelberg University, while allowing them to retain their positions at their home universities. The guest professors teach and conduct research in Heidelberg for a period of two to ten months, either once or in several consecutive years (“joint appointments”). Until now, five professors have taken the opportunity to come to Ruperto Carola periodically in order to teach and carry out research in strategically important fields of knowledge. There will be a university-wide call for proposals in 2013 to which faculties and institutes may respond with proposals for suitable guest scientists.

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