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Research-Alumni as Ambassadors of Research Institutions in Heidelberg

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In June 2012, Prof. Dr. Giridhari Lal Pandit prepared for his role as an ambassador for Heidelberg as a research location.

Due to their personal experiences, Research-Alumni are the perfect choice of ambassadors for Ruperto Carola and other research institutions in Heidelberg. That is why the network also aims at having guest scientists relate their experiences in their own personal networks and raise awareness for research and career opportunities in Heidelberg among their colleagues and junior scientists. Heidelberg Alumni International (HAI) provides a special information package for this purpose that can be used without much preliminary work. A number of Research-Alumni have already represented Ruperto Carola as ambassadors at various events over the past few months.

Dr. Lipi Thukral of the Institute of Genomics and Integrative Biology in Delhi, India, represented Heidelberg University at academic events: In her capacity as ambassador, she took part in the "Indo-German Urban Mela" in New Delhi and provided information on Ruperto Carola to interested participants. A city tour involving cultural, scientific and media events in multifunctional pavilions, the "Indo-German Urban Mela" was a central element of the German year 2012 in India. Dr. Archana Agnihotri organised a lecture in Lucknow on “German as Foreign Language in Indian Perspective” in reference to Heidelberg University.

Dr. Madhavi Ganesan from India and Dr. Axel Tiessen-Favier from Mexico have initiated new scientific cooperation projects and student exchange programmes between their home institutions and Heidelberg University. Prof. Mohammed Enamullah from Bangladesh is currently planning “Heidelberg Events” at Jahangirnagar University in Dhaka.

If you are a former guest scientist and interested in becoming an ambassador for Heidelberg research institutions, look for basic information here. As an ambassador, you will not have to provide detailed or personal advice; instead, you will be given information material by HAI that includes contact addresses for interested colleagues or junior scientists. If you decide to become a Heidelberg ambassador, please write to

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