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The Research Alumni Network currently consists of more than 400 international scientists that are staying or have stayed in Heidelberg to conduct research. The network offers special services to all international PhD students, postdocs and established scientists during and after their research stay.

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Issue 1/2013, May 2013 | German

Third Network Meeting in Rome

RomThe third Research-Alumni Meeting of Heidelberg University took place in Rome in February 2013. Around 15 former visiting scientists from Italy discussed the prospects and challenges for science, research and teaching in Germany and Italy and exchanged views on the possibilities offered by the network to former visiting scholars. Italy is one of the three focal points of the Research-Alumni Network, besides the United States and India. [More...]


Heidelberg Research Service Supports Scientists with Research Projects

International scientists visiting Heidelberg University may use the Heidelberg Research Service to plan their research projects. A team of academics and administration experts offers personalised advice that helps scientists translate their ideas into research projects. [More...]


„I Lost My Heart in Heidelberg“

Heidelberg Luftaufnahme100x100The Research-Alumni Network lives by and with its members – visiting scientists that are currently conducting research in Heidelberg or have already concluded their stay and are continuing their work elsewhere. We will introduce three of these scientists in each edition of this newsletter. In this edition:

Prof. Dr. Panayotis Kevrekidis, Physicist, University of Massachusetts, Amherst/USA

Prof. Dr. Elda Morlicchio, Linguist, Università degli Studi di Napoli L’Orientale, Naples/Italy

Dr. Mohamed Youssef, Hydrogeologist, Desert Research Center, Cairo/Egypt


Dual Career Service Supports Families of Researchers

Dual Career ServiceHeidelberg University and other research institutions have set up a comprehensive programme of services to help scientists who are transferring to Heidelberg with their families settle into their new life. One important part of this programme is the Dual Career Service for partners of university scientists. Other services, such as childcare arrangements, help scientists balance the move to Heidelberg with the needs of their family. [More...]


Heidelberg Scientists to Develop a Research Platform for the „Human Brain Project“

Uni Hd Chip 460x175Physicists of Heidelberg University are major contributors to the “Human Brain Project”, an international large-scale undertaking within the framework of the FET flagship initiative, funded by the European Commission. With estimated cost of approximately 1.19 billion EUR, the goal of this ten-year research project is successively reconstructing the complex functional principles of the human brain and simulating those using fundamentally new computer architectures. More than 250 researchers from 23 countries will be collaborating. [More...]


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