Life sciences
Dr. Dieter Manthey
Phone: +49 6221 54-3791

Natural and information sciences
Dr. Ilonka Bartoszek
Phone: +49 6221 54-3693

Dr. Simon Kopp
Phone: +49 6221 54-3863

Law, economics, and social, behavioural and cultural sciences
Dr. Günther R. Mittler
Phone: +49 6221 54-3891

Further information

Heidelberg Research Service supports scientists with research projects

International scientists visiting Heidelberg University may use the Heidelberg Research Service to plan their research projects. Department 6.2 of the university’s Research and Project Management Division consists of a team of academics and administration experts that helps scientists translate their ideas into research projects by offering personalised support and advice. With one research manager (PhD) each for the areas of 1) life sciences, 2) natural and information sciences, 3) humanities and 4) law, economics, and social, behavioural and cultural sciences, scientists have a team of experts who will research and inform them about national and international funding options – whether through the German Research Foundation, the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, various foundations, the European Union or other funding institutions.

The research managers will also advise scientists on how to apply for funding – from the evaluation of all relevant documents, e.g. guidelines and work programmes, and support in project structuring, time management and the preparation of a financing and work plan to the final editing and layout of the application. They can also help applicants with legal affairs and consortium agreements, in cooperation with the legal experts of the division. The Heidelberg Research Service and the administrative staff of the division also offer support in all matters regarding project administration. Services include advice and support in the financial handling of third-party funded projects, the setup of accounts for third-party funding and overhead costs, support in the legal handling of third-party funded projects (e.g. information on general regulations for third-party funding and on regulations specific to the respective funder), collection of key data on third-party funding, verification of expense reports and preparation of funding receipts.


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