Key Debates in Environmental Anthropology

Inaugural conference of the Environmental Anthropology Working Group, German Anthropological Association (GAA)

Date: 26.09.2016 - 27.09.2016

Place: Rachel Carson Center, Munich, Germany

Conveners: Carsten Wergin, Ursula Münster und Rebecca Hofmann

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Collaborations of Biocultural Hope: Community Science Against Industrialisation in Northwest Australia


Dr. Carsten Wergin

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Internationale Vortragsreihe

"A universal, uniform humanity"
The German newspaper "Der Kosmopolit" and entangled nation-building in nineteenth century Australia

Dr. Dennis Mischke

June 21, 2016, 16h
Transcultural Studies, Room 413 (4. Floor)
Marstallstrasse 6, 69117 Heidelberg

Organizer: Dr. Jenny Oesterle, Dr. Carstin Wergin

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Expansion und Aktivitäten des Mercedarier-Ordens im Andenraum des 16. Jahrhunderts

Dr. Maret Keller

Anden Diss - Keller

​(Dissertationsschrift Universität Heidelberg 2013), URN: urn:nbn:de:bsz:16-heidok-187295


Dancehall und Homophobie
Postkoloniale Perspektiven auf die Geschichte und Kultur Jamaikas
Patrick HelberDancehall

​05/2015, 304 Seiten, kart.
ISBN 978-3-8376-3109-8

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Materialities of Tourism
Special Issue of Tourist Studies (2014, 14/3)Guest-editors Stephen Muecke and Carsten Wergin




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Medieval Mediterranean Diasporas Database (MMDD)

Disciplined Interdisciplinarity



The Medieval Mediterranean Diasporas Database (MMDD) is hosted by the Junior research group "Trading Diasporas". Its aim is to provide a platform for the storing of the groups data in a way it was traditionnally stored in cue card systems, i.e. prosopographical data, places, events, literature and excerpts, textual sources and excerpts, objects and pictures. The database system disposes of a in-built project-management tool and interacts with metadatabases (library catalogues), a rudimentary GIS system and several wikis. The database runs for internal use on the Filemaker/HTML based hybrid database software Litlink (Preview of our database).

A version with slightly different functionalities provides the online database system LoKiHweb providing parts of the MMDD data online. This drupal7 based version of the database with enhanced collaborative tools is developed in cooperation with the ePorte project of University of Toronto, Scarborough (UTSC) and CEU Budapest, see LoKiHweb.

Other JRG as well as a team at the Historische Seminar are considering to implement similar shared database projects.

Coordinator: Georg Christ

Data management (completing, harmonizing, acquiring and data administration): Franziska Hauer, Susanne Bosche, Sophie Hennig

Database administration,
coding: Andreas Greiner, Andreas Adolphs, Vu Nguyen, Chris Steinhaus

Serveradministration: Holger Altenbach

Michael Gertz, Michael Winckler, Kilian Schultes, Peter Gietz






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