Reimut Zohlnhöfer’s research and the research of the graduate students and post-docs working at his chair focus on comparative public policy. More precisely, we mainly analyze economic and social policies in advanced democracies. Key explanatory variables in our research include political parties, political institutions and veto players, globalization and Europeanization. In addition, we work conceptually in the field of theories of the policy process. You find a list of current and completed research projects below.

Current Projects

Gesellschaftliche Selbstermächtigung (in Zusammenarbeit mit Peter Kirsch und Hanno Kube)

Political Expectations and Responsibility Attribution (Zohlnhöfer – in cooperation with Raanan Sulitzeanu-Kenan, Hebrew University, Jerusalem)

The Transformation of Government Intervention in the Economy in Advanced Democracies  (Zohlnhöfer, Dümig and Engler)

Theoretically Refining the Multiple Streams Framework (Herweg and Zohlnhöfer)

A Theory of Political Decision-Making (Zohlnhöfer)

Taking Stock of what German Governments do (Zohlnhöfer)

On the Road to a Single Market for Natural Gas: Regulatory Change since the 1990s. (Herweg)

Completed Projects

The Effects of Federalism Reform I on Policy-Making in Germany (Zohlnhöfer)

The Inpact of the 1982 Change of Government on Economic Policy in Germany (Zohlnhöfer)

Europeanization of Employment Policy? (Zohlnhöfer)

Fiscal Policy Adaptations to Economic Globalization. Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom Compared (Zohlnhöfer)

Policy Areas Adjacent to the Welfare State (Module for the Internet Portal PolitikOn) (Zohlnhöfer)


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