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  • Supporting Information for “Implications of Dataset Choice in Comparative Welfare State Research”, in: Journal of European Public Policy Volume 20 (2013) Issue 8 (together with Georg Wenzelburger and Frieder Wolf.


  • Reimut Zohlnhöfer/Frank Bandau, 2012: Policy or Office and Votes? The Determinants of Programmatic Change in West European Political Parties. Paper prepared for the 38th Annual Conference of the International Association for the Study of German Politics (IASGP). London , 21 – 22 May 2012 (an earlier version was presented at the panel Paper prepared for the Panel “Left, Right, Extreme, and the In-Between: Parties in Elections” at the 19th International Conference of Europeanists. Boston, Massachusetts, March 22-24, 2012).



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