Austauschjahr 2023/24
Hier finden Sie die Präsentationsfolien der IPW-Informationsveranstaltung über das Erasmus+ Programm im akademischen Jahr 2023/2024.
Bewerbungen können vom 13.12.2022 bis spätestens zum 20.01.2023 eingereicht werden.
Weitere Austauschmöglichkeiten
Neben den Erasmus-Programmen bietet das IPW auch einzelne Auslandsaufenthalte in China an. Weitere Informationen sind auf der über den Link hinterlegten Webseite zu finden.

Erasmus+ Program - Institute of Political Science

+++This page is currently under construction and is continuously amended+++

Welcome to the Erasmus+ Program
of the Institute of Political Science Heidelberg


Internationalize your academic career with Erasmus!

Erasmus is the perfect opportunity for both undergraduate and graduate students to experience another country, culture and university through an open academic exchange program.


Why Erasmus+?

The Erasmus program does not only give you the chance to get to know other European countries, it opens a variety of possibilities to you:

…Foster your academic capacity by enjoying different perspectives on political science.
…Improve your English or other language skills on a scientific level.
…Establish international friendships.
…Develop a differentiated perspective on European identity and politics.


What does Erasmus+ offer you?

Once you’re accepted as receiver of the Erasmus+ scholarship for your stay at a partner university of our institute, the program will cover the tuition fees at your guest institution. The scholarship also entails the partial coverage of your expenses on travelling, language preparation and living costs. As the program cannot cover all of you expenses abroad, please make sure to inform on possibilities to finance your stay before applying.


This site will guide you through all the necessary steps for planning your stay abroad.


For students visiting Heidelberg from one of our partner institutions, this site entails helpful information regarding the preparation of your stay at our institute as well as providing important information you might need during or after your stay.




Your Institute of Political Science Erasmus team


Dr. Siegfried Schieder
Erasmus Departmental Coordinator




Julia Tilp & Pablo Dufour
Erasmus assistants





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