After Your Exchange

1. When will I receive my transcript of records?

The transcript of records (TOR) will both be sent to you and your home university once we have your list of courses and all your term papers/exams have been graded. We cannot send you the TOR unless we have all the certificates/grades/documents needed for it. Do not forget to hand in your list of courses.

2. Who should I turn to for the transfer of grades and credits I have obtained in Heidelberg?

Responsible for transferring your grades and credits is your home university. Please turn to the Erasmus coordinator of your home department for further information.

3. I have stayed at your department some years ago and have lost my transcript of records. Can I receive another copy?

Please turn to your home department first, who have received the original of your transcript and see if you could get a copy there. If this is not possible, please e-mail us with further details.


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