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FAQ list

Arbeitsbereich 2 Zi. Apartment

The following list tries to answer the most important questions concerning your stay at Heidelberg University Guesthouses. Please contact us if you have any further questions.

About renting an apartment:

1.   Who can stay at the Guesthouses?

The Guesthouses of Heidelberg University are intended for stays of scientists working for the University or for university-related institutions as well as of guests of the University and their families.

2.   Which documents do I need to make a booking?

To make a valid booking, you need an invitation from your host institution. Besides, an invoice address has to be indicated.

3.   What do we mean by “booking period“?

The time period “month“ must be understood as the rental month not the calendar month. For example, the tenancy begins on the 15th of a month. This means that the rental month will last from the 15th to the 14th of the following month. Depending on the apartment category, we might charge you with additional daily rates. We are happy to provide you with an offer.

4.   Are the apartments barrier-free accessible?

The majority of the apartments can easily be reached by elevator. Also, there are 2 apartments adapted to the needs of the disabled. Please inform us of any restrictions at the time of booking.

5.   How many persons can each apartment category host?

Our 1-room apartments are studios and are for one person only. 2-room apartments consist of a living room (not equipped with a bed) and a bedroom for 2 persons. 3-room apartments consist of a living room (not equipped with a bed) and two bedrooms for a total of 4 persons. 4-room apartments consist of a living room (not equipped with a bed) and three bedrooms for a total of 6 persons. All of our apartments are for sole use. It is not permitted to share with unknown persons.

6.   Is the 1-room apartment equipped with a bed or a sofa bed?

Depending on the apartment equipment, the 1-room apartment is either equipped with a single bed (90 x 200 cm) or a sofa bed. Please understand that the allocation of an apartment depends on the availability and therefore, it is not always possible to take your wishes into account.

7.   Can I have a look at my apartment before moving in?

Since our apartments are usually occupied, it is not possible to have a look at the apartment, beforehand. The booking is made for an apartment category. There is no entitlement for a specific apartment. Please note that the pictures on our website are examples of what each apartment category might look like.

8.   Are cots provided?

Children up until the age of 4 years can be accommodated in their parents‘ bedroom free of charge. We will provide you with a cot.

9.   I would like to receive guests during my stay. Is it possible to put an
      additional bed into the apartment?

We are happy to provide you with a guest bed for your guest for a small fee, for a short term only. You will find the current prices on our website.

10. Can I book a specific apartment?

Unfortunately, this is not possible. It is only possible to book a specific apartment category. There is no entitlement for a specific apartment.

11. Can I bring my pet with me?

Unfortunately, pets are not allowed in the Guesthouses.

12. How are the apartments equipped?

All of our apartments are fully furnished and have a private bathroom and a fully equipped kitchen (fridge, stove or microwave, kettle or coffee machine, cutlery, dishes, cooking utensils). A bed linen set per person can be ordered for a one-off fee of 6 euros. Simply send us an e-mail. It is not permitted to bring your own furniture.

13. Which costs are included in the rent?

The rent for the apartment includes water, heat, electricity, basic telephone charge, internet access and waste collection charges, for instance.

14. Do I have to pay a deposit?

For stays longer than 3 months, a deposit in the amount of one month’s rent has to be paid together with your first rent.

15. Can I make a reservation of a parking spot for my car?

There are a limited number of parking spots behind the Guesthouses. This is why it is recommended to make an early reservation. The parking spots do not have a roof.

16. What are the parking rates?

The parking rates depend on the renting period. Please find the current price list on our website website.

Staying at the Guesthouses:

17. Is there a kindergarten near the Guesthouses?

The KidsClub of Heidelberg University is in close proximity to the Guesthouses. Please register for the day-care service if you are interested in a fee-based care for your children between 1 and 6 years. Please contact the Kinderhaus Office
   +49 6221 54-3923

18. Are there any shopping facilites near the Guesthouses?

There is a bakery in the building complex of the Guesthouses. Besides, there is a Copy shop with DHL Shop within walking distance. It is a ten-minute walk from the Guesthouses to the Mathematikon. There, you will find two big supermarkets, a drugstore and a bakery.

19. Is there a bank branch near the Guesthouses?

There is an ATM machine in the self-service branch of the Sparkasse in the building complex of the Guesthouses (in the direction of the cafeteria). Besides, it is a ten-minute walk from the Guesthouses to the Mathematikon.

20. Where can I wash my clothes and how much are the costs per load?

The Guesthouses have two basement rooms equipped with washing machines and dryers. The costs per load are 3,50 € (four 50 cent coins), detergent not included. You will get change in the Guesthouse office during the office hours. A bed linen set per person can be ordered for a one-off fee of 6 euros. Simply send us an e-mail.

21. Where can I leave my bike?

You can put your bike into the bike garage behind the Guesthouses. However, the number of spaces is limited.

22. Will my apartment be cleaned during my stay?

The tenant will take over the apartment in a clean condition and must keep it clean himself/herself. A final cleaning fee (lump sum) has to be paid at the end of the stay. Additional costs may be charged if it is failed to clean properly. You are interested in a cleaning service? Please contact us.

23. How to use the internet?

All of our apartments have LAN access as well as WLAN. To use the WLAN, you need login details that you can already apply for at your host institute/institution before your arrival. Please contact the Guesthouse office if you are a guest of one of the Max-Planck-Institutes, the German Cancer Researcher Center or the EMBL. You will receive a temporary internet access code during the office hours. Alternatively, you can use the public WLAN “Heidelberg4you“.

24. When should I pay the licence fee for television, radio and internet

In the event that you register as tenant of the Guesthouses of the university with the city of Heidelberg, you will be obliged to pay the so-called licence fee. It is used throughout Germany to finance public service broadcasting on television, on the radio as well as on the internet and it amounts to € 18.36 per month (subject to change). Please note that the license fee is payable in addition to the rent. It must be paid by you to the accountable body. For more information, please go to the following website:

25. I have to cancel my stay. Will a cancellation fee be charged?

A cancellation of the booking must be notified in writing to the Landlord before the beginning of the lease. A cancellation received one full calendar month before the start date of the lease is free of charge for stays less than one month. For stays longer than one month, a cancellation received by the Landlord two full calendar months before the start date of the lease is free of charge. After that, a cancellation fee will be charged.

26. I have to shorten my stay at short notice. What do I have to do?

In general, our cancellation period is two months. Therefore, please contact the Guesthouse office on time in writing. Outstanding rental costs cannot be refunded unless a new tenant can be found for the apartment.

27. When can I move into the apartment?

The apartment is available upon individual arrangement, usually
at 2 p.m.

28. When do I have to leave the apartment?

Keys should be returned latest by 10 a.m. on the day of departure.

29. How do I pay my rent?

The rent as well as the deposit is due within the first five working days. Please choose one of the following payment options:

  1. You can pay by credit or debit card in the Guesthouse office.
  2. You can transfer the money to our bank account. You will find the bank details in your lease.
Please contact us if none of the offered payment options should work for you. Thank you.

30. Is there a common room in the Guesthouses?

Unfortunately, the room is currently not available.


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