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Human Resources Division: Personnel Matters, Appointments and Personnel Development

The Human Resources Division is responsible for personnel administration of employees of Heidelberg University from hiring, leaves of absence or releases to termination of employment. Appointment processes are also centrally coordinated and tracked here. The HR Division furnishes information on all issues of advanced training and personnel development and offers continuing education programmes.


Department 5.1
HR Services for Civil Servants, Academic Assistants, Personnel Budget, Appointments, Travel Costs

Department 5.2
HR Services for Employees

Department 5.3
Personnel Development and Dual Career Service, Vocational Training

Department 5.4
Professorship Appointments, W-remuneration

Staff Unit Tenure Track Professorship


How do I find the right contact person?

Within the given department we are organised by employee group and then faculty.
You can locate your contact using the following keyword list (sorted alphabetically) (Ger).



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