Department 5.4: Professorship Appointments, W-remuneration

Duties and responsibilities

Appointment and retention negotiations

As the liaison between the faculties, research institutes, university administration and management, the Appointment Service and W-remuneration Department centrally coordinates and supports professorship appointment and retention negotiations. In addition to facilities, equipment, and staffing required as well as salary, the candidate’s personal circumstances are taken into account (dual career, day care, kindergarten, school, language course, etc.).


Unlike the C-remuneration scheme, basic salaries in the W scheme are not based on age and can be augmented in the form of performance bonuses (also see § 38 of the Professor Pay-scale Reform Law (LBesGBW)). The Appointment Service and W-remuneration Department mediates this individual process between the professor and the university. It also oversees the conclusion and later review of agreed-upon salary goals.

The department also performs the complex calculations for compliance of the funds available (allocation framework) for professor salaries.

Support for young researchers

The Appointment Service and W-remuneration Department also passes on its knowledge and experience to young researchers at Heidelberg University who are in appointment negotiations with other universities. It sees this as part of its work in supporting young researchers on their road to a professorship.


Responsibilities Contacts

Department head, budget management and planning, policy issues

Heike Dollmann

Offer of professorship

Appointment negotiations
Support and coordination of the appointment negotiations, salary discussion and personal issues (dual career, family service)

Retention negotiations
Support and coordination of appointment and salary discussions

Individual bonuses
Support and administration implementation

Salary questions

Heike Dollmann
Sandra Kiefer

Negotiations scheduling

Martina Rohrmann

Calculation of allocation framework, projections, analyses

Thomas Schmitt





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