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Foundations and Assets

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Donor Relations and Gueshouses

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Asset Accounting


Foundation and Asset Management

Department 8.1, Foundation and Assets, manages the corporate assets of Heidelberg University as well as the following independent foundations, including:

All incoming and outgoing funds are handled by the Stiftungskasse of Heidelberg University.

Depending on the nature of your request, several contacts are available. For tax-related questions, please contact Mirco Bollmann, Department 4.3, Tel: 54 2189 (Mon.–Fri. mornings).


Corporate assets

Corporate assets are those available to the university as a public corporation for its own use outside of the state budget.

Corporate assets include 63 dependent revenue foundations and use donations for a variety of different purposes. A few of the foundations are not designated for any specific purpose.

The primary goal of all the foundations is to promote scholarship, science, research and teaching at Heidelberg University, with all the academic disciplines covered through the far-reaching range of goals specified by the endowments.


Independent foundations

Unterländer Studienfonds at Heidelberg University

Gästehaus der Universität HeidelbergThe incorporated foundation of the Unterländer Studienfonds at Heidelberg University originated in 1873 from the former Jesuit assets and has existed in its current form since 1 January 1963.

The foundation supports and operates the university guest houses. The Unterländer Studienfonds foundation is additionally responsible for university organisations such as the Heidelberg International Academic Forum (IWH).

Consolidated Academic Foundation Administration of Heidelberg University

The Consolidated Academic Foundation Administration of Heidelberg University was established on 1 February 1906. It is also an incorporated foundation, with a total of 38 individual foundations earmarked for a wide range of purposes. In keeping with the wishes of the sponsors, the individual endowments are used primarily to support students in financial need, for awards and grants for exceptional achievements as well as grants for study trips, and also for general expenditures that support teaching and research.

Consolidated Foundations of Heidelberg University Hospital for Paediatric and Adolescent Medicine

Angelika-Lautenschläger-KlinikThis incorporated foundation was established as such on 1 January 1982 and is devoted exclusively and directly to fostering and supporting the requirements in paediatric and adolescent medicine at Heidelberg University Hospital with respect to clinical care and research, with a foucs on oncology. The earnings are used primarily for additional projects in connection with the construction of the new Children’s Hospital.




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