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One of the central concerns of the HCCH is the targeted integration of the diverse aspects of cultural heritage into academic teaching. This will be reflected in the curriculum of the forthcoming Cultural Heritage and Cultural Property Protection MA degree programme, which approaches the topic from an inter- and transdisciplinary perspective.

With this in mind, the HCCH has already developed parts of an integrative teaching concept that goes beyond the previous university curriculum in interdisciplinary cooperation and provides initial insights into everyday working life through a high degree of practical relevance.

The HCCH also wishes to focus on the following areas - each with emphasis on communicating cultural heritage to different target groups:

  • For school students and young people in general
  • Integration of extracurricular learning venues into teacher training
  • Classes in the field of Overarching Competences (Übergreifende Kompetenzen) within BA degree programmes
  • e-Learning (especially in the field of Rare Disciplines)
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