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The Alfred-Weber-Institute houses the University of Heidelberg Economics Department. The department is part of the Faculty of Economics & Social Sciences, which also includes the departments of Political Science and Sociology.


Workshop on Experimental Economics and Finance

Stefan Trautmann organized a  workshop on Experimental Economics and Finance, on November 8, 2019. Invited speakers were Markus Dertwinkel-Kalt (Frankfurt School of Finance), Daniela Puzzello (Indiana), Joachim Vosgerau (Bocconi) and Roman Sheremeta (Cleveland). More information is available here. November 2019


Fritz Grunebaum Award

Valentin Lang, former doctoral student of Axel Dreher, has received the Fritz Grunebaum-Preis of the University of Heidelberg foundation for his thesis: "Political Decisions, Economic Effects: How International Organizations Govern the Globalized Economy."  Details can be founds here. November 2019


Emotions versus Rationality?

Christiane Schwieren will present insights on the role or emotions versus sober calculative processes in economic and health decisions at a symposium at the International Science Festival in Heidelberg, December 4, 2019. The symposium will bring together economic, psychologic and neuroscience perspectives. More information is available here. November 2019


Associate Editorship at Macroeconomic Dynamics

Zeno Enders has been appointed Associate Editor of the journal Macroeconomic Dynamics. September 2019


Academy for Transformational Leadership

Karlijn van den Broek has been selected for the Postdoc Academy for Transformational Leadership, funded by the Robert-Bosch-Stiftung. The 2-year program is designed to train the next generation of leaders in sustainability and transformation research in Europe. More information is available here. July 2019


Keynote Lectures by AWI Professors

Zeno Enders gave a keynote lecture on “Expectations in Macroeconomics” at the second Workshop on Macroeconomic Research at the Cracow University of Economics, Cracow, June 25-26. Stefan Trautmann gave a keynote lecture on “Risky Decisions for Others and Financial Investment Advice: Experimental Evidence” at the 2019 Shanghai Workshop on Behavioral and Experimental Economics, Shanghai University of Economics and Finance, Shanghai, June 24-25. June 2019


Conference in Honor of Jürgen Eichberger

Jürgen Eichberger, Jörg Oechssler, Christopher Kops, Illia Pasichnichenko, and Hannes Rau attended the Conference in Honor of Jürgen Eichberger, „Ambiguity & Strategic Interactions” on May 24, 2019, organized by the Université Grenoble Alpes, France. They presented the following studies at this occasion: "Games in Context: Equilibrium under Ambiguity for Belief Functions” (Eichberger), “Hedging, Ambiguity, and the Reversal of Order Axiom” (Oechssler), “The Independence Axiom and its Weakenings” (Kops),  “Does mutual knowledge of preferences lead to more Nash equilibrium play? Experimental evidence” (Rau).” More details can be found here. May 2019

International Ranking of Economics Departments

In a recent international ranking of economics departments conducted by Tilburg University, the AWI was ranked 126 worldwide, and 7 out of 69 departments in Germany. The ranking does not control for department size. Details on the ranking are available here. May 2019


New Assistant Professorship in Environmental Economics

We welcome Anca Balietti as an assistant professor in environmental economics at the Alfred-Weber-Institute. Anca joins the AWI from Harvard University, where she was a Post-Doc at the Evidence for Policy Design lab. You can find information on Anca’s research, which lies at the intersection of environmental and development economics, here. April 2019

MINE: Mapping the Interplay between Nature and Economy

Malte Faber and Marc Frick have launched the "MINE: Mapping the Interplay between Nature and Economy" website that can be accessed here.  The project focusses on concepts as time, evolution, thermodynamics, joint production, responsibility, sustainability and justice, drawing an interactive map between nature and the economy. The MINE website enables visitors to approach the content from their own starting point and follow their own path to discovery. Each concept starts with the historical background and moves on through theory and practice. March 2019


Funding for research on macroeconomic expectations

AWI Researchers were successful in obtaining grants from the German Science Foundation in the framework of the Priority Program Experience & Expectation: Historical Foundations of Economic Behaviour.  Zeno Enders will work on the project "Determinants and effects of business expectations in Germany after 1980" (jointly with Gernot Müller of the University of Tübingen). Christian Conrad, Jonas Dovern, and Fabian Krüger will jointly work on the project "Heterogeneity in macroeconomic expectations: the role of individual historical experiences, local conditions, and socio-economic characteristics." February 2019


Jonas Dovern accepted full professorship in Erlangen-Nürnberg

Jonas Dovern will take over the Chair for Statistics and Econometrics at Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU) as of April 1, 2019. Jonas has been an assistant professor in macroeconomics at Heidelberg since 2014. More information about his research, centered around questions of macroeconomic forecasting and beliefs, can be found here. February 2019  


Workshop on the Macroeconomics of International Financial Markets


Together with researchers of the University of Tübingen and University of Hohenheim, Zeno Enders organized a workshop on International Financial Markets on December 7 & 8, 2018. Detailed information on the workshop and access to the papers presented at the workshop is available here. December 2018


Dissertation Fellowship of the German Academic Scholarship Foundation

Matthias Quinckhardt of the Chair for Labor Economics has been awarded a dissertation fellowship by the German Academic Scholarship Foundation (Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes). The foundation will support Matthias’ doctoral research into the political economy of regional policies. Information on Matthias’ research can be found here. November 2018


Committee on Compliance in Norwegian Fisheries

Florian Diekert has been appointed a member of the expert committee of the Norwegian government studying compliance in Norwegian fisheries. The committee gives recommendations on how to improve the efficacy and efficiency of monitoring efforts, in particular in light of the opportunities and challenges that new technologies bring. More information is available here. October 2018


Weatherall Fellowship at Queens University in Canada

Jürgen Eichberger was awarded a Weatherall Fellowship at Queens University in Canada. In the context of his fellowship, he presented the study “Decision Theory with a State of Mind Represented by an Element of a Hilbert Space: The Ellsberg Paradox,“ and gave a mini-course on game theory with strategic ambiguity for graduate students and research staff. More information is available here. October 2018


Professorship in Environmental, Climate and Development Economics


Andreas Fuchs was appointed Professor for Environmental, Climate and Development Economics at the Helmut Schmidt University Hamburg jointly with the Kiel Institute for the World Economy (IfW). He was a post-doc at the AWI from 2013 to 2018. More information on Andreas’ research and on the activities in the context of his new position can be found here. September 2018


ICAP Best Paper Award


Karlijn van den Broek received the best paper award of the International Conference on Applied Psychology and Human Behavior for her work on the MultiTip project, a collaboration between environmental economists, psychologists and mathematicians. The paper proposes a stakeholder engagement framework to develop sustainable-behavior research, illustrated through a case study of stakeholder engagement at Lake Victoria, East Africa. More information on the conference can be found here, information on Karlijn’s work can be found here. July 2018

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