Team - Dr. Karlijn van den Broek

Dr. Karlijn van den Broek Vandenbroek

Room: 323, 3.OG

Bergheimer Str. 20

69115 Heidelberg

Tel: 54 8017



Research Interest:

  • Environmental psychology

  • Mental models & Decision-making

  • Environmental literacy

Co-PI in the interdisciplinary MultiTip project within which she investigates mental models on the Nile perch fishery among Lake Victoria stakeholders. 

She is part of a select team that is trained at the Postdoc Academy for Transformational Leadership, funded by the Robert-Bosch-Stiftung. The 2-year program trains the next generation of leaders in sustainability and transformation research in Europe. 

Education and Employment:

June 2017-present      Postdoctoral researcher, University of Heidelberg

Dec. 2016                       PhD in Environmental Psychology, University of Bath (Trivial corrections)

Sept. 2012                      MSc. Social Psychology, University of Groningen (With distinction/Cum Laude)

Sept. 2011                      Bsc. Psychology, University of Groningen



Working papers:


  • Van den Broek, K.L. (2019). Paper presenting a framework for stakeholder engagement in sustainability research. Submitted for publication.
  • Fischer, H., Ramisch, K.L., van den Broek, K. & Okan, Y. (in prep.) Paper investigating policymakers’ understanding of IPCC graphs on climate-related health risks.
  • Van den Broek, K.L., Luomba, J. van den Broek, J. & Fischer, H. (submitted). Paper introducing and validating a mental model elicitation tool for illiterate populations among fishers in Tanzania.
  • Van den Broek, K.L. & Fisher, H. (in prep.). Paper investigating fishers’ mental models on fish stock in Tanzania.
  • Van den Broek, K.L. & Fisher, H. (in prep.). Paper exploring the role of climate change in fishers’ mental models on fish stock in Tanzania.



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