Dr. Alice Solda


Postdoc                                                  Alice Solda

Research Centre for Environmental Economics​

Alfred-Weber-Institute for Economics

Bergheimer Str. 20

69115 Heidelberg


Room: 218

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What I’m interested in:

  • Experimental and behavioral Economics
  • Motivated Beliefs (e.g. overconfidence, self-deception, beliefs updating)
  • Environmental Economics (e.g. compliance behavior, audit mechanisms, decentralized enforcement mechanisms)
  • Social exclusion and reintegration

A bit more about me:

I joined the Research Centre for Environmental Economics in September 2019 to work as a post-doctoral fellow researcher on the Compliance project, which aims to improve the state of knowledge about systemic and country-specific factors of climate policy compliance.

My research so far has mainly been lying within the recent literature on motivated beliefs, which provides evidence that biases in self-beliefs are more often strategic rather than mistakes. I have particularly focused on whether being overconfident can lead to higher expected payoffs in strategic interactions (e.g. negotiations).

I am also interested in questions regarding the rehabilitation of long-term ostracized individuals and the effect of social exclusion on anti- and pro-social behaviors.

Where I come from:

  • 2016–2020: Joint PhD in Experimental Economics, University of Lyon (France) and Queensland University of Technology (Australia).
  • 2015–2016: Master GAEXA ‘Game Theory, Experimental Economics and Applied Econometrics’, University of Lyon.
  • 2014–2015: Master EQUANT ’Quantitative Economics’, University of Lyon (France).
  • 2011–2014: Bachelor of Law, Economics and Management, UFR-SJEPG (France).


What I’ve been working on:

  • Current Research:

Heterogeneity in honesty and compliance behavior (with Timo Goeschl)

Environmental taxes and competitive audit mechanism (with Timo Goeschl and Marcel Oestreich)

Confidence as a negotiation strategy (with Changxia Ke, Lionel Page, and William von Hippel)

Overconfidence as a strategy in leadership striving (with Changxia Ke, Lionel Page, and William von Hippel)

Overconfidence and conservatism

  • Publications:

Solda, Alice, and Marie Claire Villeval. "Exclusion and reintegration in a social dilemma." Economic Inquiry (2017)

  • Working Papers:

Solda, Alice, Changxia Ke, Lionel Page, and William von Hippel. "Strategically delusional." R&R Experimental Economics (2018)

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