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Christopher Nunn


Externer Inhalt Quality Management

Domain: Q+ Studies and Teaching (teaching evaluation, administration of courses, Moodle), Q+ Research and Support of junior researchers (Infrastructure, PhD-Administration), Q+ Service and Administration (Communication, Administration, Website)


Office Hours

  • Mon 9-12; 13-16
  • Tue 7:30-12; 13-16
  • Wed 8:30-12; 13-18
  • Fri 7:30-12; 13-16


Curriculum Vitae

  • 1988 born in Worms
  • 2007 Abitur in Frankenthal
  • 2007-2012 University Education in Protestant Theology and Latin Philology in Heidelberg
  • 2013 State Examination in Heidelberg
  • Since 2013 PhD Student in Church History (Antiquity and Middle Ages)
  • Since 2014 Quality Managaer at the Faculty of Theology
  • Since 2020 Deputy Managing Director at the Faculty of Theology


PhD-Thesis in Church History (Antiquity and Middle Ages)

Augustine's Correspondence with Women (supervised by Prof. Dr. Winrich Löhr)


Teaching Assignments
  • EPG 1: Varianten frühchristlicher Ethik auf dem Hintergrund antiker Philosophie (SoSe 14 / SoSe 16)
  • EPG 1: Ernst Troeltsch vs. Wilhelm Herrmann - Güter- oder Gebotsethik? (WiSe 14/15)
  • EPG 1: Feministische Ethik - Kritik und Reformulierung ethischer Klassiker (WiSe 15/16)
  • Ü: Bildung und Bibel im digitalen Zeitalter (SoSe 18 with Dr. Stephan Ahrnke)
Conference Organization
  • References in the Correspondence of Augustine. Chances and Boundaries of digital “Distant Reading” Processes, in: Revue des études augustiniennes 62,2 (2016), 223-233. doi: 10.1484/J.REA.4.2017033
  • Grußformeln als Medium der Polemik in Augustins Briefen, in: Zeitschrift für Antikes Christentum 22,1 (2018), 71-90. DOI: https://doi.org/10.1515/zac-2018-0014 (since 2020 also with Open Access via the Heidelberg Document Server)
  • Preis für digitale Lehre of Heidelberg University in the category „außergewöhnliche Aktivitäten bei der Entwicklung und Anwendung digitaler Formate" with Dr. Stefan Karcher (Adobe Special Edition of Unispiegel, Page 2)
  • 2nd Runner Up in DH Awards 2018 in the category „Best Use of DH for Public Engagement", with Dr. Stefan Karcher for InFoDiTex
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