Forschungsprojekte - PD Dr. Maria Shinoto - Übersicht

A list of the main research projects and research topics of Maria Shinoto. For details and recent information please visit the research pages at my academic web site.


Research Projects


  • Nakadake Kiln Site Center
    • Excavations, prospections, and scientific analyses in Japan's Southernmost Sue production center.
  • Comparative Neutron Activation Analyses of ceramics finds from Kyōto university
    • Chemical composition analysis of locally made/used ceramics by neutron activation analysis to establish a high-resolution approach to the study of history of local economic development.
  • The blurry culture
    • Research on the pre- and protohistoric culture between Japan and the Ryūkyū islands.
  • Adaptive Filtering
    • Human-in-the-Loop Adaptive Terrain Filtering of 3D Point Clouds for Archaeological Prospection: Open Source Python Library for Adaptive Terrain Filtering of Laser Scanning Data
  • The Hirota Site in Tanegashima Island, Japan
    • Research on the movement of people based on biological and technological traits
  • Decorated Tombs in Japanese prehistory and their iconography
    • Application of quantitative methods to a Japan wide phenomenon.


Research interests


  • Data modeling, statistics, and R
    • Developing packages and guidelines.
  • Classification and meaning
    • How to utilize the classificatory process and classificatory paradigms to create a meaningful classification of archaeological finds and findings.
  • Hayato
    • An ethnic group or tribe at the southern border of the ancient Japanese state.
  • The Southern islands and their role in Japan's encounters with the West
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