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The Mastalerz Group is a diverse team of enthusiastic organic chemists that do not fear to tackle multistep syntheses of fascinating three-dimensional compounds such as shape-persistent chiral organic cage compounds or unique polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons with negative curvature such as monkey-saddles or azulene containing PAHs.

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2024 Defense Mattes Holsten

04.03.2024 - PhD Defense!

Congrats to Mattes Holsten to the successful defense of his PhD thesis with the title "Löslichkeitsmodifizierte poröse organische Käfigverbindungen".

Mattes was able to decorate 2,7,14-triaminotriptycene, a building block commonly used in our working group, with solubilizing groups to obtain a series of Soluble Congeners of Prior Insoluble Shape-Persistent Imine Cages. This opens up future solution-based modifications and applications for these compounds. Furthermore, Mattes managed to obtain Single Crystals of Insoluble Porous Salicylimine Cages to investigate their packing as well as the porosity in solid state. Some of those crystal structures we were chasing since almost a decade.

It was a pleasure for us to be a part of Mattes' academic journey, we wish him all the best for his future, thank him for everything he did for the group and he will be missed as a member of our team.


04.03.2024 - Farewell to Bahiru

We want to say goodbye to Dr. Bahiru Punja Benke.

Bahiru joined our group about six years ago and applied our triptycene end-capping strategy to turn insoluble pigments such as indigo derivatives into soluble dyes. Moreover, he investigated the Dimeric and trimeric catenation of giant chiral [8 + 12] imine cubes driven by weak supramolecular interactions where he gained some fundamental understanding about the driving forces of catenation events and isolated some spectacular structures, which we were able to publish in Nature Chemistry. Furthermore, his work was highlighted as "Synfacts of the Month".

His expertise and the willingness to share his knowledge with others are just two out of countless reasons why we was a great person to have conversations with and he really will be missed in the group. Thus, we want to thank him for everything he did for the group and he will be missed as a member of our team.

2023-12-12-tk-59 V1

01.03.2024 - Price awarded to Tobias!

Huge congrats to Dr. Tobias Kirschbaum!!

Tobi was awarded the price of the Dr. Alexander und Dr. Rosemarie Bauer-Stiftung in 2023 for his outstanding PhD thesis with the name "Chirale polyzyklische aromatische Kohlenwasserstoffe mit Affensattel-Topologie"!!

After completing his bachelor and master theses as well as a PhD in our group, Tobias moved to the R&D division of the Fraunhofer Institute for Structural Durability and System Reliability LBF in Darmstadt, Germany, to work on polymer additives.

So again, huge congrats to Tobi for this price and all the best for your future!!

Also thanks to Giada Galow for the nice picture.

2024 Toc Xuan Helix Animated

22.01.2024 - Paper accepted!

Congrats to Xuan!

His paper on the Dispersion-driven formation of chiral twisted PAH double helices was accepted in Chem!

After the developement of impressive structures such as coronene nanoribbons of up to 4.2 nm length, perylene oligomeres with up to 13 linearly annulated rings or contorted PAHs with embedded azulene units, Xuan pushed our cross-coupling/condensation strategy on dihydroanthracene subunits to new limits. By careful design and a modular synthetic approach, he obtained alkyl-substituted perylene oligomers (APOs) with up to 25 benzene rings in a row and grew high-quality single crystals of all oligomers. Single crystal X-ray diffraction revealed a unique Dispersion-driven formation of these chiral twisted PAH double helices and the thermodynamic as well as kinetic behavior of double helices were studied experimentally as well as by quantum chemical calculations.

If you are interested in the story, click here or directly on the picture on the left.

Great job Xuan!

2024 Toc Chris Dithiin

08.01.20243 - Paper accepted!

Congrats to Chris!

2024 starts with his paper on the Synthesis of Chiral Pyrene-Based 1,4-Dithiins being accepted in Angew. Chem. Int. Ed.!

Chris managed to synthesis a series of chiral dithiins with one or two pyrene moieties. For the latter, three different isomers where obtained. Using chiral HPLC techniques, the chiral dithiins have been separated and either favoring or disfavoring effects on the gabs-values have been found.

If you are interested in the story, click here or directly on the picture on the left.

Great job Chris!



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