Technical Equipment

Hybrid meetings and meetings in presence are possible at the IWH

To further support the meetings, the IWH has installed new multifunctional LED screens. Your event can now take place simultaneously in multiple rooms. Additionally if the weather allows, the new technology may also be used to conduct an event outdoor or as a combination of both indoor and outdoor. This enables us to adapt flexibly to the current hygiene measures and provide the organizers with a smooth atmosphere for events and conferences.

Hybrid meetings are possible.  Online meetings using Zoom, WebEx or HeiConf can be conducted. Presentations can be held at the IWH or remote from outside enabling  online dicussions. In advance the organisers have to create the appropiate link and distribute it to the participants. In order to minimise technical problems throughout the meeting we advice to appoint a technical narrator (for instance a student) who is familliar with online presentations. In this way all participants can concentrate on the discussions and presentations.

Technical equipment available for your meeting:

You will find free WIFI in our complete building.


  • welcome desk:1 computer (Windows 7, CD-writer)
  • large meetingroom: 1 laptop (Windows 10, HDMI-slot)
  • workshop-room (small meeting room): 1 computer (Windows 7)
  • 3 large touch screen computers


  • large meeting room: Hitachi CP-WX 4022 (1280 * 800 pixels), connected to laptop via VGA or HDMI
  • small meeting room: EPSON EB-485Wi (1280 * 800 pixels), connected to computer

Additional equipment per order:

  • VCR
  • Overhead projector
  • Whiteboard and 2 flipcharts
  • 2 poster boards (110 cm of height x 135 cm large)
  • Poster system (exhibition style)
  • Copy machine
  • Presentation case

Poster Presentations:

In the Workshop room, one can hang 19 A1 posters in portrait format on the magnet strips and boards. Additionally, up to 8 posters in portrait format can be accommodated on the pin board with pins. For A0 posters, the numbers shall be halved.

With the exhibition poster system one can display a maximum of 24 A1 posters or 12 A0 posters.

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