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Internationales Wissenschaftsforum (IWH)


Prof Peter Comba

Ellen Peerenboom 2016    

Director of IWH
Prof Peter Comba


Managing Director
Dr Ellen Peerenboom 


Administration and Event Co-ordination

Daniel Rolli

Gudrun Strehlow

Daniel Rolli
Tel:  +49 6221 165896


Gudrun Strehlow
Tel : +49 6221 543690





Wilhelm Zahn
Tel: +49 6221 543694

Housekeeping and Service

Fiedler Foto Maria Ittensohn Foto Maria Ittensohn ​Foto_Nina Neergaard_neu  

Housekeeping and Service
Marion Fiedler

Housekeeping and Service
Maria Ittensohn

Housekeeping and Service
Aida Kuci

Housekeeping and Service
Nina Neergaard






Housekeeping and Service
Sophia John





Curatory Board

Prof. Dr. Dr. h. c. Bernhard Eitel President and Vice-Chancellor, Heidelberg University
Dr Angela Kalous Vice-President Finance and Personnel, Heidelberg University
Prof Peter Comba Director, IWH

Representatives of Heidelberg University Faculties

Prof Martin Borowski Institute for Constitutional Law, Constitutional Theory and Legal Philosophy
Prof Eva Grebel Centre for Astronomy of Heidelberg University (ZAH)
Prof Oliver Friedrich Institute of Earth Sciences
Prof Georg F. Hoffmann University Childrens Hospital Heidelberg
Prof Britta Brügger Heidelberg University Biochemistry Center
Prof Friederike Nüssel Ecumenical Institute
Prof Björn Ommer Interdisciplinary Center for Scientific Computing (IWR)
Prof Joachim F. Quack Egyptological Institute
Prof Peter P. Schnierer English Department
Prof Karin Schumacher Centre for Organismal Studies Heidelberg
Prof Christiane Schwieren Alfred-Weber-Institute for Economics
Prof Anna Wienhard Mathematical Institute
Dr Ellen Peerenboom    Managing Director, International Academic Forum Heidelberg




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