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  • John Cruzatti C., Geography, Economics, and Power: Global Assessments of Development with Geo-Referenced Data (Heidelberg University, 2021), First Supervisor.
  • Sven Kunze, Geospatial Analyses of Natural Disasters: Economic Impacts, Societal Responses, and Political Bias (Heidelberg University, 2021), First Supervisor.
  • Lennart Kaplan, Promises and Perils of Globalization (Georg-August University Goettingen, 2018), First Supervisor.
  • Sarah Langlotz, Conflict, Income Shocks, and Foreign Policy: Macro- and Micro-Level Evidence (Heidelberg University, 2018), First Supervisor.
  • Katharina Richert, Empirical Evidence on Development Effectiveness: From Macroeconomic Structures to Micro-Level Implementation (Heidelberg University, 2018), First Supervisor.
  • Valentin Lang, Political Decisions, Economic Effects: How International Organizations Govern the Globalized Economy (Heidelberg University, 2018), First Supervisor.
  • Vera Eichenauer, The Political Economy of Foreign Aid. Allocation, Timing, and Effectiveness (Heidelberg University, 2016), First Supervisor.
  • Bernhard Reinsberg, The Rise of Multi-bi Aid (University of Zurich), Member of Thesis Committee.
  • Anna Minasyan, Aid, Politics, Culture, and Growth (Georg-August University Goettingen, 2015), First Supervisor.
  • Alexandra Rudolph, Challenges of Globalization – For International Mobility, Social Security and Environmental Sustainability (Heidelberg University, 2015), First Supervisor.
  • Diego Hernandez, The Role of Politics in the Allocation of Multilateral Aid (Heidelberg University, 2015), First Supervisor.
  • Kai Gehring, Political Economy in a globalized world – How politics, culture, and institutional incentives shape economic and political outcomes (Georg-August University Goettingen, 2015), First Supervisor.
  • Merle Kreibaum, Microeconomic Analyses of the Causes and Consequences of Political Violence (Georg-August University Goettingen, 2015), Second Supervisor.
  • Steffen Lohmann, A Contribution to the Empirics of Development and Globalization (Georg-August University Goettingen, 2015), First Supervisor (joint with Prof. Stephan Klasen).
  • Juanita Vasquez-Escallon, Beyond Punishment: Achieving sustainable compliance with the law. The case of coca-reducing policies in Colombia (Georg-August University Goettingen, 2015), Second Supervisor.
  • Shu Yu, Leaders, Regimes, and Political Stability (University of Groningen, 2014), Member of Thesis Committee.
  • Ingvild Nordtveit, Capital flows to developing countries: Essays on the behavior of aid donors and official creditors (University of Bergen, 2014), Second Supervisor.
  • Johannes Rieckmann, Battle and Beating, Water and Waste. Micro-Level Impact Evaluation in Developing and Emerging Economies (Georg-August University Goettingen, 2014), Second Supervisor.
  • Philipp Mohl, Empirical evidence on the macroeconomic effects of EU cohesion policy (Heidelberg University, 2013), Second Supervisor.
  • Maya Schmaljohann, The Political Economy of International Financial Flows to Developing Countries (Heidelberg University, 2013), First Supervisor.
  • Dominik Noe, Micro-Level Impacts of Conflict and the Duration of Armed Groups (Georg-August University Goettingen, 2013), Second Supervisor.
  • Nicolás Corona Juárez, Essays on the Economics of Crime in Mexico (Heidelberg University, 2013), First Supervisor.
  • Hannes Öhler, Essays on the Allocation, Effectiveness and Coordination of Development Aid (Heidelberg University, 2013), First Supervisor.
  • Krishna Chaitanya Vadlamannati, Essays in Political Economy (Heidelberg University, 2012), First Supervisor.
  • I. Kadek Dian Sutrisna Artha, Financial Crises: Impact on Central Bank Independence, Output, and Inflation (University of Groningen, 2012), Member of Thesis Committee.
  • Andreas Fuchs, Political Determinants of Foreign Aid and International Trade of Emerging Economies (Georg-August University Goettingen, 2012), First Supervisor.
  • Philipp Kolo, New Approaches to the Dynamics, Measurement and Economic Implications of Ethnic Diversity (Georg-August University Goettingen, 2012), Second Supervisor.
  • Heiner Mikosch, Rigidities, Institutions and the Macroeconomy (ETH Zurich, 2011), Second Supervisor.
  • Seo-Young Cho, The Economics of Human Rights - Gender, Human Trafficking, and Policy (Georg-August University Goettingen, 2011), First Supervisor.
  • Jan Priebe, Drivers of Poverty, Mortality and Labor Supply in Developing Countries (Georg-August University Goettingen, 2011), Second Supervisor.
  • Julien Reynaud, A critical analysis of the International Monetary Fund’s governance and actions (University Paris I – Pantheon Sorbonne, 2007), Second Supervisor. 



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