Conferences at the IWH

The International Academic Forum organises about 70-80 conferences annually. With us, academic conferences have a varied nature: workshops, congresses, symposiums, retreats etc. They can extend for a few hours, an entire day or more than a week.


IWH aims to dedicate its services to maximum number of excellent international academic conferences. To this effect, we have a comprehensive offering consisting of conference facilities, cost-efficient catering and comfortable accomodation. This combination, we believe, allows an excellent platform for academic communication. More information here.


The Director and the advisory board reserves the right to grant the title of "IWH Symposium" to some of the conferences. These conferences then receive our special service.


IWH Symposiums are recognised as conferences of the University of Heidelberg and not as the work of individual institutions or persons. However, the decision-making process is the absolute responsibility of the individual organiser.


All other conferences that are not recognised as IWH Symposiums are considered to be carried out at IWH under the individual responsibility of the institutes, institutions, the members of the University of Heidelberg or other academic facilities.


Organisation of any event strictly needs permission from the Management and/or the Secretariat of IWH.


Hengstberger Symposiums earn a special mention here: every year, young scientists of the Ruprecht Karl University organise these Symposiums at the IWH. The symposiums are financed with the prize money (€ 12500) of the Klaus-Georg and Sigrid Hengstberger Prize. This allows the young scientists to invite their international colleagues for an intensive knowledge exchange at the IWH. Every year, usually three such prizes are awarded. The deadline for application for this prize is usually the 1st of April every year. The prize may be awarded to all academic areas: not only Natural sciences and Medicine but also Socio-economic sciences. More information here.

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