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Organizing studies

Flexible regulations regarding examinations

The State University Law (Landeshochschulgesetz LGH) of Baden-Württemberg and the examination rules and regulations allow decision making on a case-by-case basis concerning examination deadlines.

Since March 1st 2009, family obligations imperatively lead to flexible regulations of examination deadlines to be arranged by the respective examination committee upon request (§23 sect. 3 (3) LHG). Under the Maternity Protection Act and the Federal Parental Benefit and Parental Leave Act accordingly, it is since allowed to complete examinations even during a leave of absence. This includes written tests, seminar papers and presentations, but has to be discussed individually with the teacher (§61 Sect.3 LHG). We recommend the consultation of the examination committee and the lecturer/professor before handing in a request to change examination modalities.

We recommend the consultation of the examination committee and the lecturer/professor before handing in a request on changing examination modalities.

Part-time studies

The University takes into account the real life situation of many students by offering part-time studies in order to make study, work and family life compatible. From winter semester 2011/12 onwards, part-time study offers will be available for the first four subjects. More information concerning part-time study can be found at:

In case you are interested in studying part-time, you can make a personal appointment via the Studierendenportal: 06221-545454 or

Leave of absence

According to the State University Law (§61 Sect. 1, Landeshochschulgesetz LHG), students can apply for a leave of absence for important reasons. Giving birth to and upbringing a child are important reasons. In general, the leave of absence should not exceed two semesters.

Take note: According to the Federal Parental Benefit and Parental Leave Act (Bundeselterngeld- und Elternzeitgesetz BEEG) both studying parents may request parental leave at the same time. As such, both parents may take a leave of absence at the same time (§ 61 Sect. 3 LHG).

Important: The request has to be made early enough at the student’s administration; application forms can be found online. Make sure to also hand in supporting documents that give the reason for the leave of absence. In particular circumstances, a leave of absence may also be granted during the lecture period; the tuition fee, however, will only be refunded partially. During leave of absence, the students keep their study place and can continue their studies the following semester without having to apply/enrol anew. Times of leave of absence count towards your university semesters (total of semesters at a German university); they do not count towards subject-related semesters (Fachsemester).

Take note: During leave of absence, it is not possible to receive BAföG (National Student Grant) payments. Under certain circumstances you may apply for subsistence money according to Book II of the Social Security Code (SGB II).

Interruption of studies

The decision to suspend your studies – even if planned as a short interruption only – should be well thought out. Apart from losing your student status (which, in turn, has implications on your insurance status and contributions), all admission requirements for the subject have to be fulfilled again at re-enrolment.

In this context, students who are planning the completion of their course of study should absolutely consult their relevant examination office to be clear on admission requirements for the examination.

Important: After re-enrolment you are subject to the examination rules and regulations in effect at the time of re-enrolment.


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