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Children´s Centre/Service for Families

Children's Centre
Additional Childcare Offers
Service for Families
Further Offers

Children´s Centre

homepgae_kinderhaus Heidelberg University advocates for the compatibility of work, studies and family responsibilities by offering a variety of childcare services. In addition to the crèche for the youngest, the Neuenheimer Feld campus area also features a day care centre for children up to school age and the KidsClub for children of visiting scholars.

Additional Childcare Offers

homepage_erweiterteApart from regular childcare services, Heidelberg University also offers flexible childcare to its members. The backup service provides care in urgent and unforeseeable situations. During conferences we organise childcare that is geared to your needs and schedule. In cooperation with partners the University also offers subsidised childcare during school holidays.

Service for Families

homepage_servicefamilienThe Service for Families is the central point of contact for all questions relating to the subject of "children and academia" at Heidelberg University. Here you can receive information on the wide array of childcare offers, places at schools or daycare facilities, leisure activities, nannies and babysitters. A newsletter, which is published once every semester, keeps you informed about current and interesting topics on all things family. 

Further Offers

homepage_weitereThe compatibility of studying, science and family plays an important role at Heidelberg University. As complex as the personal circumstances and work situations are for those with family, as diverse are the University's offers. They range from childcare and support for those with care responsibilities, to Dual Career Service and career advice for young parents.


Link zur Webseite 'Bündnis für Familie Heidelberg'Heidelberg University is member of the Heidelberg Family Alliance
(Bündnis für Familie)




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