Erasmus Assistant Office Hours

Yasemin Al-Douri
Bergheimer Str. 58
69115 Heidelberg
Tel.: +49 6221 54-2881



Room 03.041


Office hour on Wednesdays from 11:30 to 12:30 a.m.

(Office hours will not be regularly held during the semester break, please e-mail in those cases)


Before exchange

1. Who should I turn to for enrolment, language course, receiving a Student-ID or accommodation?

For organizational matters beyond the academic program, please contact:

ERASMUS Incoming Office
Ms. Ganna Korenga
Seminarstr. 2
69117 Heidelberg
Tel. +49 6221 54-2495

Further important information can also be found in the infopackage sent to you by the International Office. Please also visit the International Office's Webpage.

2. Who should I turn to concerning the academic part of my stay in Heidelberg?

If you are sent to the Institute of Political Science (IPW) by your home institution, our Erasmus team provides guidance with regard to the academic part of your stay abroad. Our team consists of the Erasmus Departmental Coordinator, Dr. Sybille De La Rosa and our Erasmus assistant, Clea Groß. In case of questions regarding the academic part of your stay, please contact:

Yasemin Al-Douri (Erasmus assistant)
Bergheimer Str. 58
69115 Heidelberg
Tel.: 06221/54 28 81

3. Can I come by the office in person, too?

You are welcome to come by our office during the regularly held office hours (see above "Erasmus Assistant Office Hours"). We recommend that you come by during the first weeks of your stay to hand in your Learning Agreement and clarify questions, which have remained open.

4. Where should I hand in my Learning Agreement?

You should hand in your Learning Agreement (LA) at the Erasmus office at the Institute of Political Science. You can either hand it in personally during the Erasmus Assistants office hours (see above "Erasmus Assistant Office Hours") or leave them in the Erasmus’ folder at the secretary’s office at the institute (Room no. 03.036). The Learning Agreement will be checked and countersigned by our departmental Erasmus-Coordinator. Please understand that this process might take a few days. After being signed by us, the LA can be picked up at our Erasmus office or – please e-mail beforehand in that case – be picked up at the secretary’s office of IPW again.

5. How can I choose courses at University Heidelberg?

Course registration at the University Heidelberg in general should either be done online or in person in the first week of lectures, depending on the department. At our department, course selection is done online via the LSF Online System. To enroll for courses online, you will need your Student-ID, which you should have received by the International Office. If this is not the case, please contact the International Office.

At the Institute of Political Science (IPW) courses can basically be chosen freely. The commented lecture calendar of the institute can be found on the web page via LSF presumably from 20th July for the following Autumn Semester and from mid of February for the following spring semester. Courses of the IPW are listed in the Department of Economics and Social Sciences. Please ensure to select “Bachelor Neu” for the course view, if you are an undergraduate student. If you are a graduate student, please select “Master”.

6. What is the course structure at the IPW?

Both at the undergraduate level and the graduate level, one full module consists of either one lecture and one seminar in the same field of study (e.g. International Relations) or two seminars in the same field of study. Normally, Erasmus students are also free to attend only one section of the module. Some seminars (mainly those in the “Pflichtmodule” section at the undergraduate level) complement one another, so that it would be reasonable to attend both of them.

Please get in contact with your Home University for their criteria in which and how many courses/ modules you should complete during your stay.

7. How many credits do I get for courses attended at the IPW?

If not indicated else, for graded certifications the following ECTS-points are given by the Institute for Political Science:

 Undergraduate Level (BA)


 Attented lecture plus exam/term paper

   4 ECTS-points

 Course of comprehensive skill module

   2 ECTS-points

 Elective module (2 courses)

 10 ECTS-points

 Single course of elective module (without / with essay)

   2 / 8 ECTS-points

 Compulsory module (Seminar)

   6 ECTS-points

 Compulsory module (Lecture)

   4 ECTS-points


Graduate Level (MA)


Elective module (2 courses)

 12 ECTS-points

Single course of elective module with longer term paper

   8 ECTS-points

Single course of elective module with essay

   4 ECTS-points

Course of comprehensive skill module

   2 ECTS-points


8. What are the requirements for passing a course successfully and to receive ECTS-points?

Normally, no ECTS-points will be given for lectures or seminars without an examination. Examinations will either consist of presentations, a written or oral exam or a term paper. In most of the courses, you will be required to both holding a presentation and writing an exam or a term paper by the end of the semester. There might be some exceptions, where credits are given for regular attendance, please ensure to inform yourself on the credits obtained in the courses you have selected in the first weeks of the semester.

9. What is the grading system used at IPW?

Grading is based on the following system (Please note that the grading system will presumably be changed in the upcoming semester):

German grade

International Grade

1.0 – 1.3

A (Excellent)

1.4 – 2.5

B (Very Good)

2.6 – 3.5

C (Good)

3.6 – 3.9

D (Satisfactory)


E (Sufficient)


F (Fail)


10. Can I choose courses from other faculties, too?

You are free to choose courses from other faculties depending on the criteria of your home university.  If you would like to choose courses from other faculties, please be sure to inform on registration, ECTS-points, deadlines etc. on your own via the course catalogue or the lecturers. In case you still have questions, please contact us by the e-mail address listed above.

11. Will I receive a Transcript of Records (TOR) at the end of my stay?

Please be informed that there is a special manual on the end of your Erasmus stay. It provides you with all the information needed in order to receive your transcript of records after your stay at our University. It can be found in the “Documents” section of this webpage. The manual shall ensure to facilitate the processing of the transcript both for you and our team.

Please read the manual carefully and follow its steps. If there should be any query, please do not hesitate to contact us.

12. How can I get in touch with other Erasmus students at IPW?

Normally, you will get to know other Erasmus students of the same faculty at the information events held by the International Office of the University Heidelberg. The IPW itself is planning on hosting an information and welcome event for Erasmus students at our department at the beginning of the autumn semester. All new Erasmus incoming students will be invited via e-mail. Please understand that due to data regulations we will not pass any mailing contact of other Erasmus students at our department to you.

13. What is the Erasmus Code of the University of Heidelberg?

The Erasmus Code of our university, which you will need to fill in your Learning Agreement, is D HEIDELB01.

14. Whom should I turn to in case of further questions?

If you have any further questions this FAQ could not answer, please do not hesitate to write an e-mail to our Erasmus team. You can also come by during office hours (see above "Erasmus Assistant Office Hours").

Further information on the Erasmus program of the Political Science Department can be found on this webpage.

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