30 Years Equal Opportunity

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Entering its thirtieth year at Heidelberg University, equal opportunity has had many advocates. Established in November 1987, the office of the Women's Representative, now Equal Opportunity Commissioner, can look back on a history that is as linear as it is varied and polyphonic. Linear, because the number of female students and researchers at Heidelberg University has been increasing steadily and women's access to as well as advancement within the University are now given facts. Varied, because the University has been inspired not only by ideas and commitment from within, but also by influence from without in form of provisions from legislation or impulses from research funding bodies. Polyphonic, because the most decisive influence is exerted by those members of the University who regard equal opportunity as a genuine concern.


In addition to the Women's Representatives and Equal Opportunity Commissioners, a number of female researchers have been working at the Equal Opportunities Office since 1995.

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