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Ingenie ThumbnailFebruary 2011
INGenie – Women in technics and science(INGenie - Frauen in Technik und Wissenschaft)
The University of Heidelberg asks for and supports women in the fields of maths, information technologies, sciences and technics as never before. Janine Fohlmeister ->more (in German)

Rnz Thumbnail9. February 2011
RNZ article (Rhein Neckar Zeitung, newspaper): Spiral Galaxies in cocoa
Schoolgirls‘ Physics Club... ->more (in German)

Duz Thumbnail2 September 2010
Measuring Gender Equity (Gleichstellung ist messbar, duzMAGAZIN 09/2010)
The competition for excellence has reached the work done in the field of gender equity. Looking at the quota of women only is not enough... -> more (in German)

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