Leading Lecturer of the Department
Prof. Dr. Tino Licht
Office hour: Fr 11-12 o'clock (and by appointment)
Phone: 06221/54-2736
Email: tlicht@ix.urz.uni-heidelberg.de

N. N.
Phone: 06221/54-2737
Email: mittellatein@uni-heidelberg.de

Honorary Professor
Prof. Dr. Hermann Wiegand
Appointments upon prior arrangement only

Professor Emeritus
Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Walter Berschin
Office hour: Mon  11 - 12 o'clock
Phone: 06221/54-2735
Email: walter.berschin@urz.uni-heidelberg.de

Retired Professor

Prof. Dr. Reinhard Düchting

Associate Lecturers
Dr. Helga Köhler
Email: hk7@ix.urz.uni-heidelberg.de

Dr. Eduardo Otero Pereira
Email: eduardo.otero-pereira@zegk.uni-heidelberg.de

Collaborative Research Centre 933 «Material Text Cultures»
Dr. Kirsten Wallenwein
Phone: 06221/54-3028
Email: kirsten.wallenwein@zegk.uni-heidelberg.de

represented from June 2020 to March 2021 by
Barbara Frenk
Tel.: 06221/54-3028
Email: barbara.frenk@zegk.uni-heidelberg.de

Scholarship Holder of the

Johannes Büge M.A.
Tel.: 06221/54-2737
Email: johannes.buege@zegk.uni-heidelberg.de
Alina Preis B.A.
Email: alina.preis@stud.uni-heidelberg.de

Student Assistant

«Summer School on Paleography: Latin Script»
and Research Project «Aredius of Gap»
cand. phil. Anne-Kathrin Bauer
Email: anne-kathrin.bauer@stud.uni-heidelberg.de

Student Assistants
Phone: 06221/54-2737

Jule Meyer B.A.
Email: jule.meyer@zegk.uni-heidelberg.de

Jonas Narchi M.A.
Email: narchi@stud.uni-heidelberg.de

Alina Preis B.A.
Email: alina.preis@stud.uni-heidelberg.de

stud. phil. Charlotte Schrüfer
Email: charlotteschruefer@gmx.de

stud. phil. Theodor Werner
Email: theodor.werner@stud.uni-heidelberg.de

stud.phil. David Zimnol
Email: fm248@stud.uni-heidelberg.de
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