• The course catalogue for the winter semester 2023/24 is now online (June 23, 2023).

  • On Wednesday, April 13, 11:30 a.m. (CEST), you can watch a lecture in English, organized at Changchun University (China), by Tino Licht titled "The Peasant Girl Alpais. A Life on the Edge of Existence" via Zoom. For the login details, please feel free to email Prof. Sven Günther (sveneca@aol.com).

  • We would like to draw your attention to the lecture series organized by students and coordinators of the Heidelberg Mittelalter Master (HMM) for the summer semester 2022 "Migration Processes. Medieval Perspectives" (every Thursday 4 pm c.t.). Lectures of our department will take place on April 21 and June 9. The program can be found here.

  • The course catalog for the summer semester 2022 has been updated. Please note the information on the rooms and the changed start date for the Kirchenväterkolloquium (April 6, 2022).

  • The English scholar Prof. Dr. Hans Käsmann, advocate of Heidelberg's Mittellatein, has passed away at the age of 98. The obituary by Prof. Dr. Dieter Schulz (Heidelberg) is available here in pdf format. You can also find a picture on the website of the English Department.

  • Our library is open Mon.-Fri. 9.30-17.30 for work at the workstations and for individual collection. For a short-term loan, please feel free to contact us in advance by email (mittellatein@uni-heidelberg.de): We can also make scans up to a certain limit. When you enter our rooms, we ask you to observe the 3G regulations and to put on a mask; at the desk you will have to wear the mask only if the distance of 1.5 m cannot be kept. Updated information on corona operation is available from Heidelberg University at https://www.uni-heidelberg.de/de/newsroom/informationen-zum-coronavirus.

  • The course catalog for the summer semester 2022 is online (December 21, 2021).

  • A valuable fragment find can be reported from the Leipzig City Archives (Hrabanus Maurus, In Genesim, Fulda, 2nd quarter of the IXth century). Our department assisted in the identification. [Press release] (1.X.2021)

  • The course catalog for the winter semester 2021/22 is online (May 28, 2021).

  • The course catalog for the summer semester 2021 is online (December 18, 2020).

  • Teaching is now offered exclusively online at our department in the new semester. Please refer to our updated winter semester 2020/21 course catalog (October 30, 2020) for regulations.

  • Due to the dynamic infection situation, we are constantly updating our formats and rooms. Please consult our course catalog for the winter semester 2020/21 (October 22, 2020) again shortly before the start of the course.

  • The 6th summer course "Paleography.Latin Script" will take place online as a one-week intensive course from September 7-11, 2020, due to applicable contact restrictions.

  • The course catalog for the winter semester 2020/21 is online (July 2, 2020).

  • Starting May 4, we will begin limited library operations Mon.-Fri. 12:30-17:30. We ask that you use the 4 workstations set up specifically for this purpose in Paleography Room 027 and, in particular, that you observe the spacing requirement. The regulations of the Corona Ordinance of the State of Baden-Württemberg in the current version apply.

  • University teaching will initially start online in the summer semester. The Department of Medieval Latin, like the entire Department of History, is trying to offer a large part of the courses electronically. At the moment we are working on the design and set-up of the courses. Therefore, please note the continuously updated registration modalities in our course catalog.

  • Prof. Dr Corinna Bottiglieri (Rome) will hold a visiting professorship at our department in the summer semester 2020. The courses she will offer can be found in the updated course catalog (January 31, 2020).

  • Prof. Dr. Julia Smith (Oxford) will be in Heidelberg on Friday, February 7, 2020 at the invitation of our subproject A08 "Reliquary Authentics" at the Collaborative Research Center 933 and will give a guest lecture at 5 p.m. c.t. in the Neue Universität in Lecture Hall 4 entitled: "Relocating the Holy Places. Jerusalem in Early Medieval Europe." The announcement is available at this link.

  • The lecture schedule for the summer semester 2020 has been updated (January 17, 2020).

  • SFB 933 "Material Text Cultures" at Heidelberg University has been extended once again and will continue to conduct research on script-bearing artifacts in non-typographic societies until June 2023 (University press release). The Heidelberg Medieval Latinists are involved with their own sub-project A08 on relic authentics (May 23, 2019).

  • This year, the medievalist disciplines at Heidelberg University will again offer their own day of events for the public. The Mittelaltertag, now in its seventh year, will take place on June 22, 2019, from 2-8 pm. The program can be accessed here.

  • The "Introduction to Latin Philology of the Middle Ages" by Walter Berschin will be published in May 2019 in a second, revised and slightly expanded edition and is displayed under New Publications (May 6, 2019).

  • The course catalog for the summer semester 2019 is online (December 14, 2019).

  • The program of the conference "Walahfrid Strabo and the Political Literature of the IXth Century" is available as a conference flyer.

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